As of Thursday, Oregon public health officials had received confirmation of 48 cases of H1N1 swine flu.

One teenage girl remains hospitalized and continues to recover. The balance of the people are recovering or have recovered at home.

Of the 48 cases, 19 children, 12 teens and 17 adults have been confirmed to have H1N1 swine flu. Twenty-three are males and 25 are females.

The 48 cases break out by county as follows: Clackamas, 2; Lane, 8; Marion, 3; Multnomah, 12; Polk, 18; Umatilla, 2; Washington, 3.

"The most dangerous enemy we face now is complacency," said Dr. Mel Kohn, head of the Oregon Public Health Division. "This first wave is not yet over, and I fully expect to see the statewide numbers grow through the rest of this flu season and then again in the fall flu season. "In order to protect themselves and others people should keep up the common sense practices of frequent and thorough handwashing and other precautions," he said.

While strongly cautioning that this spring's outbreak of the H1N1 swine flu is still active, Kohn and his team of public health authorities are planning for a resurgence of this flu strain as well as seasonal influenza viruses in the fall.

"We are relieved that the health effects caused by the H1N1 swine flu virus are turning out to be similar to the common annual influenza viruses we are accustomed to preventing and treating," Kohn said. "Looking forward, however, we anticipate a reappearance of this strain in the fall, particularly because we have no natural immunity and a vaccine may not yet be available."

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