Interested in making an extra $100 bucks? If so, the Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce has a deal for you. The chamber has initiated a contest, with which they are hoping to gain ideas for a countywide theme, or umbrella statement under which they will promote the Wallowa County area. The goal is to come up with a descriptive title that would be available to advance the county in numerous ways. They are anticipating that such an umbrella statement will help focus this area's limited financial and creative resources.

"This idea is not new," Vicki Rosgen, executive director of the chamber explained. "Most major companies and many locales use an identifying statement, which some call a 'brand name,' or 'theme,' to set their product apart from other products, focus on its uniqueness, and make a lasting impression in the mind of the consumer." Once the statement is derived, it will be available for promotional use by any business, economic, governmental, or social organization in Wallowa County.

To obtain ideas for the umbrella statement, the chamber is inviting public participation in a contest. To enter the competition and vie for the $100 cash prize, entrants will need to have their contributions to the chamber office by October 31. An overview of the rules indicates the winning entry will include the words, "Wallowa County," it will be short, (probably ten or less words), be applicable for use by businesses and other entities here, and illustrate the county's uniqueness. The chamber will retain ownership and oversee criteria for its use.

A sub-committee of chamber board members will make the final selection of the umbrella statement. Everyone regardless of age, interest, or location is welcome to participate. Entrants are encouraged to submit multiple entries, "We want everyone to be a part of this contest," Rosgen clarified. Official rules and details are available at the chamber office, 936 W. North Street, Enterprise, on their website, or by calling the chamber office, (541) 426-4622.

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