Christine Elson installed Worthy Advisor of Rainbow assembly

Christine Elson installed Worthy Advisor of Rainbow assembly

"A Dream Land" was the theme of the installation ceremony of Christine Elson of Enterprise as Worthy Advisor of Maxine Assembly #68 of the International Order of Rainbow in Joseph Sunday, Oct. 6.

Installing officers were Christina Winings, Jessie Hayward (Grand Worthy Advisor for the state of Oregon), Lea Ganos, Keely Hopkins and Claudia Boswell. Outgoing Worthy Advisor was Anna Yost of Joseph

Also involved in the ceremony were local members of the Masonic Lodge.

In addition to being Worthy Advisor for the local assembly, Elson is also a state officer, serving as Grand Immortality.

Other Maxine Assembly officers participating in the ceremony were Worthy Assistant Advisor, Emily Williams; Charity, Robing Eschler; Hope, Emma Strickland; Faith, Lisa Strobel; Drill Leader, Kindra Dietrick; Chaplin, Anna Yost; Love, Samantha Dotson; Religion, Maggie McClaran; Nature, Megan Yost; and Confidential Observer, Olivia Williams.

A number of guests were present from the state-level Rainbow organizaion, who had also attended a reception for Grand Worthy Advisor Jessie Hayward Oct. 5.

A special gift presented to Christine by her father, Dean Elson, was an engraved gavel made of myrtlewood which he had received when he was master of the Masonic Lodge in Santa Barbara, Calif. the year the new Maxine Worthy Advisor was born. Another gift was a limited edition handcrafted wooden butterfly given by her mother, Nancy Elson, to fit in with Christine's choice of mascots are butterflies and dragonflies.

For her service project, Elson plans to support Hayward in her state project, the Shriners Hospital.

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