ENTERPRISE – Wallowa Valley Health Care Foundation has launched its second annual Circle 100 Club fundraising drive, in hopes of adding to its growing list of local women who gave $100 to join as charter members last year. This year’s “One and Only Annual Meeting” is set for Thursday, March 15, 4:30 – 6 p.m. at Wallowa Memorial Hospital cafeteria.

“This was so well received by the very generous women of Wallowa County,” said Foundation Director Stacy Green. “Last year, a total of 109 women joined, some by teaming up with one or more partners to jointly give $100 to create one “member.”

The premise of Circle 100 Club is to offer women a simple way to support the work of the Hospital Foundation, by promising there will only be one annual meeting, with the only obligation to write one check for $100.

“We know how busy women are, and we know how many demands there are on our time, so we promise Circle 100 Club members that we won’t bother them again with committee meetings, other fundraisers or obligations” said Green.

The 100 in the name refers to the dollar amount of $100 to join, said Green. “Our hope is to grow the Club to 150 this year, so we have more to invest in expanding health care services.”

Last year’s proceeds were invested in infusion and chemotherapy treatment.

Chief of Nursing Laurie Marcum helped the Foundation board identify needs such as three new infusion chairs with heat and massage, to make patients more comfortable and to allow more than one patient to be treated at one time. In addition, Circle 100 Club purchased iPads, DVD players, and Sirius radios with headphones so patients have activities to pass the time during treatment, which can sometimes last up to six hours. Beautiful artwork, a leather easy chair for a companion, and warm blankets make the room cozy and inviting, rather than sterile and intimidating.

Finally, a small refrigerator stocked with light snacks and water, and a basket full of free spa goodies from beecrowbee in Joseph help make receiving treatment a pampering, spa-like experience. To handle the increased demand, four additional nurses have received specialized training in administering infusion and chemotherapy treatments, paid for by Circle 100 Club.

“It always amazes me how people in our county never fail to respond, especially when it comes to our hospital,” said Gail Swart, Foundation board member.

If the women of Wallowa County continue to support Circle 100 Club, there’s no telling what can be accomplished. For more information, phone Stacy Green at 541-426-1913.

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