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Realtor Diane Daggett addresses the Enterprise Planning Commission at a public hearing Tuesday, Feb. 4 on behalf of Luther and Susan Arquette. The Arquettes were requesting a conditional use permit for access to their property along Ina Lane in Enterprise. The commission granted the permit.

A long-term use of a public right-of-way on Ina Lane was approved Tuesday, Feb. 4, by the Enterprise Planning Commission to grant access to land owned by Luther and Sandra Arquette.

The Arquettes, who own a home in Joseph and spend their winters at a home in Arizona, own three residential parcels along Ina Lane, which is located on the east side of Enterprise.

The decision came at the end of a quasi-judicial public hearing that resulted from the Arquettes’ application for use of the right-of-way to gain access to their land.

The hearing was open to public testimony, both in favor of and against the Arquettes’ request.

A letter from David Mildrexler, who lives across Greenwood Street from the Arquettes’ property, expressed his opposition to their use of the right-of-way over concerns that development would negatively alter the area. In particular, he said development would restrict a wildlife corridor in the area, objected to the possibility of additional lighting and concerns over drainage that can be a problem on Greenwood.

Realtor Diane Daggett, applicants’ representative, welcomed any questions the commissioners might have. She also gave a brief response to Mildrexler’s letter. She agreed Midrexler’s concerns are important, but concerns that should not be the responsibility the property owners.

“I can’t see how that should be the burden of one individual property owner,” Daggett said, adding she hoped the commissioners would approve the Arquettes’ application.

Other comments from audience members were simply to learn more about the situation. No real opposition or approval was expressed.

There was some concern expressed by some commissioners since they had no information on future plans for developing the land.

Daggett said after the meeting that the Arquettes originally planned to build on the Ina Lane property, but have since decided to sell it. They want the long-term right-of-way approved before they sell.

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