CJD Little Buckaroo Rodeo

Jody Carper and others assist a Little Buckaroo Rodeo participant with getting onto the mechanical bull. The Little Buckaroo Rodeo lets special needs children and adults safely participate in rodeo events from bull riding to roping to bronc-busting.

One event that didn't feature any bucking livestock or twirling ropes was perhaps the most important event of all: The Little Buckaroos rodeo on Wednesday. More than a dozen special needs children and adults gathered at the grounds to learn to rope, ride bulls through a simulator and even had a stick horse barrel race. Volunteers included not only real cowboys, but the entire CJD court offered a hand as well. Best of all, perhaps, the CJD stagecoach offered free rides to participants. Participants also received free rodeo tickets.

Debbie Scudder founded the Little Buckaroos rodeo four years ago. She has a degree in special education and had previous experience with the Special Olympics. She said the CJD board and the Sports Corral are the main contributors to the program.

"I just want everyone to be able to participate," she said. "I don't get a huge turnout, but I don't care."

Cowboy Owen Rooper, 8, participated in the show for the first time with his mom, Leslie. He said he had a lot of fun. He particularly enjoyed getting to pose for photos with the CJD court. Asked if he would return next year, he said, "Yeah."

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