The Enterprise city council discussed the possibility of paving an airplane turnaround area at the north end of the city's runway to help AirLife of Oregon, a Bend based medical emergency service entity, to better utilize the city runway. Such was one point of discussion during the council's regular meeting Monday night.

No decisions were made on the proposal made by councilor George Hill until an AirLife of Oregon representative could come up and assess the proposal. Public Works director Larry Estes noted that the city owns 72 feet of space to the west of the north end of the paved runway that could be utilized for the small airplane turnaround area.

In other action the council dipped twice into the hotel/motel tax moneys for what were deemed to be worthy projects.

The amount of $835.47 was awarded to Eagle Scout Kelsey Lukens and the Wallowa County Rotary Club's Mike Koloski for completion costs for a fountain project to the north side of the county courthouse. Councilor Everett Roberts, who is the custodian for the courthouse, said that work has been completed and that the fountain is working.

The council also voted unanimously to finance the Chief Joseph Summer Camp in the amount of $300.

Pending permission from her employer, Mayor Susan Roberts volunteered herself to be the city's representative on a board being formed by Wallowa and Union Counties to oversee activities on the railroad purchased last week by the two county governments.

The council received a petition from residents of Roberts Street for two blocks between North Street and Parks Street saying that residents were willing to pay 50 percent of the cost of paving their street. The city would pay the other half of costs. No action was taken until Estes could determine actual costs for the paving.

In response to an advertised bid for janitorial services the council elected not to accept the low bid as presented by the Pioneer Guest Home. It was suggested that the labor would be subsidized by other sources and not fair to other bidders. The council did not make a decision on the other bidders, waiting to determine if low bidders could put up a bond to guarantee their services.

City attorney Roland Johnson suggested that a memorandum agreement be added to the one-year janitorial contract. It would include a termination clause if the work is not up to desired standards.

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