Wallowa County's public school enrollment is up! The student head count is 881, compared to 869 last, a gain of a dozen pupils. Every school district with the exception of Joseph is up from last fall, and even the Joseph district has stayed steady since last spring, according to administrators.

This is good news after three years of relatively small student enrollment decline - on top of a decade of dramatically smaller numbers. 2007's fall count was 886 and 2006's was 890.

The district fall 2009 count is as follows: Enterprise, 396; Joseph, 225; Wallowa, 253; and Troy, 7

"I said I'd be happy if we stayed even, and elated if we were up," said Enterprise school superintendent Brad Royse. "Well we're up by four students."

Both the Enterprise high school and junior high level lost a few students, so all the gains came in the elementary school, auguring well for the future.

Joseph school district stayed pretty much even in all grade levels, with a significant 11-student jump in the 5-8 middle school (of which the fourth grade is technically part of this year). The main reason for that shift, according to Joseph middle/high school principal Sherri Kilgore, is the 9-member eighth grade class that moved up into high school to replace a graduating class of 28. Luckily, at the other end of the grade spectrum, news is a little better - the kindergarten class is 24 strong.

Wallowa district had the biggest jump this year, 252 students compared to 235 last fall, a healthy gain of 17. The district gained at the K-8th grade level but, was down slightly (by five students) in high school.

"I'm very pleased," said Wallowa superintendent Bob Sisk. "This is good news for the school district."

Even tiny Troy School District gained a student, up to 7 from 6 last year. The new teacher's 11th grade daughter will be helping and attending Troy school this year, so she could boost the number to eight, except Troy doesn't really have a high school.

Each student is worth almost $6,000 in state school support for each school district, so the 12 student increase is worth close to $72,000.

Following is a breakdown on the number of students at each grade level, compared to last fall.

Enterprise Grades K-6 - 204 (last year, 186)

Grades 7-8 - 57 (last year, 64)

Grades 9-12 - 135 (142)

Total: 396 (392)

WallowaGrades K-6 - 137 (last year, 124)

Grades 7-8 - 40 (last year, 31)

Grades 9-12 - 76 (81)

Total: 253 (236)

JosephGrades K-4 - 82 (83) (K-3, 68)

Grades 5-8 - 72 (61) (4-8, 86)

Grades 9-12 - 67 (88)

Imnaha School - 3 (last year, 4)

Total - 225 (last year 235)

Troy Grades 1-6 - 7 (6 last year)

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