Cultural Trust license plate available in Oregon

Cultural Trust license plate available in Oregon

The Oregon Cultural Trust license plate has been available in Oregon since winter. Bearing bright, colorful abstract artwork, the Cultural Trust plate carries a surcharge of $15 per plate, or $30 per pair, when it is first issued and at each registration renewal:

a) when vehicle registration is due for renewal: $68 total - $30 registration fee, $30 Cultural Trust surcharge, $5 replacement transaction fee and $3 plate manufacturing fee;

b) before renewal: $43 total - $30 surcharge, $10 replacement fee and $3 plate fee;

c) at time of purchase of new car with four-year registration: $93 total - $60 four-year registration fee, $30 surcharge and $3 plate fee-registration until Jan. 1;

and d) at time of purchase of new car with two-year registration: $63 total - $30 registration fee, $30 surcharge and $3 plate fee.

The plate will be available for passenger cars, motorhomes and trailers, including custom and amateur radio operator configurations.

The Cultural Trust is a statewide plan to raise new funds to invest in Oregon's art, humanities and heritage. To learn more, visit

The plate was designed by Kelly Kievit, an artist and graphic designer in Portland. The design was selected by the Cultural Trust Fund Board after an open competition that received more than 100 entries from Oregon artists.

This plate was authorized by the 2001 Legislature under House Bill 2923. It is the second of two new vehicle plates created by the 2001 Legislature. The Crater Lake plate made its debut in August 2002. Get more information on Oregon vehicle plates at

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