Current teen projects benefit from long-disbanded Friday's program

<I>Kathleen Ellyn/Chieftain</I><BR>Community teen-supporters rejoice in the ongoing influence of the disbanded Wallowa County Friday's program as the last of Fridays bank account is distributed to the Tri-Prom event and Wallowa County TADA programs. Involved in the transfer of funds, left to right, are: back, Sue Wagner, Larry Wagner, Andrea Schaefer, Dan Moody, Charleen Haines; front, Andrea Tyler and Alex Tyler.

The youth-oriented, parent supported Wallowa County Fridays program may have ceased to operate back in 1995, but the benefits of the program continue. Recently former Friday's volunteers and board members Charleen Haines, Sue Wagner and Larry Wagner handed out over $1,000 - the money left in the Fridays account - to two student-support programs in the county.

"The Fridays program was supported by the community and when it ended we had some funds left over," Haines explained. "The bylaws of Fridays require us to distribute the funds to drug and alcohol prevention programs. Teens Against Drugs and Alcohol (TADA) and the Tri-School Prom both fit right in that category."

Andrea Schaefer, representing the Enterprise TADA program accepted a check from Wallowa County Fridays for $578.18. Dan Moody, representing the Tri-School Prom, accepted another check for the same amount.

Also in attendance at the hand-off was Andrea Tyler coordinator for Wallowa Valley Together and Alex Tyler, Enterprise Junior High TADA chapter president. Shane Sievers, Wallowa High School Chapter TADA president was unable to attend the ceremony.

Moody intends to use his check to purchase prizes for the upcoming Tri-School Prom. TADA members will use their money for a variety of purposes including promoting youth alternatives to alcohol and drug use at community events such as the annual Oregon Brewers Festival and musical events.

There are currently three chapters of TADA in Wallowa County: the Enterprise High School chapter in its fourth year, the Wallowa High School chapter in its second year, ad the Enterprise Junior High chapter begun this year.

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