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The Eagle Cap Shooting Range north of Enterprise, as it appeared Monday, March 8, 2021, will receive an addition of a new indoor educational facility thanks to fundraising and a $50,000 grant from the National Rifle Association.

ENTERPRISE — Plans call for a groundbreaking in April for a new educational building at the Eagle Cap Shooters Range north of Enterprise, according to a press release.

The Eagle Cap Shooters Educational Alliance received a $50,000 grant from the National Rifle Association in 2020 and the alliance has nearly raised the required matching funds to pay for the new structure, said Stephen Wolfe, president of the alliance.

“We’re almost to the deadline of $50,000,” he said.

Wolfe said the alliance continues to raise money through donations and gun raffles, both on its website and at the Stubborn Mule in Joseph.

“We’re planning on asking a group of people to come in and give some donations,” Wolfe said. “We’re almost there and we’ll probably need a bit more.”

Gina Birkmaier, vice president of the alliance, said in the press release that the multipurpose building will provide an indoor facility for classes, events and training activities. Classes will be offered to range members, law enforcement personnel, nonprofit groups and to civic and charitable organizations, the release said.

The current facilities at the range include a 1,000-yard covered rifle range, a 50-yard covered pistol range, a 1,150-yard black powder cartridge range, a shotgun range with an electric turret and five competition bays.

Wolfe said he expects the new building will take 60-90 days to construct, and septic facilities already have been installed.

With a new education building, there will be a consistent location available for such instruction as Hunters Education Programs, concealed carry and range safety officer training and more.

The purposes of the ECSEA include:

• To provide educational classes.

• To provide educational materials in a variety of formats and media.

• To conduct related educational programs that will educate people about responsible, proper, legal and safe ownership, storage, transport and use of firearms.

The classes and programs are open to all interested members of the public. The ECSEA is especially eager to educate young people who are interested in becoming hunters, as well as those who are gun owners, security workers and those who have or want to acquire permits for concealed weapons for personal safety, their families or places of employment.

For more information on the ECSEA, visit its website at or its Facebook page. Membership fees are listed on the website.

“We’ve been after this building for a lot of years,” Wolfe said. “I’m looking forward to opportunities we’ll have for hands-on training for youths and anyone else who wants to learn to handle their firearms. It’s going to open up a whole new avenue for us.”

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