EHS students teach fifth graders about finance

<p>Fifth grade winners of the Enterprise FCCLA money management project Andy Gebhardt (third place, left) and Devin Greer (first place) show off their certificates with FCCLA member Parker Spear, right. Second place winner Ella Anderson was absent.</p>

ENTERPRISE – Enterprise Elementary fifth graders recently had a chance to learn the basics of money management from Enterprise High Schools students.

Groups of students from the EHS fifth period Family and Consumer Science (FACS) class combined with fifth graders in Lorri Fischer’s grade class with fun activities to teach the youngsters how to “save, spend and share” their money.

Long- and short-term goals were discussed and the fifth graders learned about budgeting by being given real life experiences, such as purchasing lunch for two from restaurant menus for $20. While some students went over budget, the most creative (and frugal) students spent only $12.08.

How to save money and where to put savings was another interesting topic: saving in a pop bottle covered in duct tape or burying savings in the back yard were two of the most unusual place to “save”.

Since the FACS class has three foreign exchange students, fifth graders were able to view money from Germany, Switzerland and Chile.

Penny activities helped to teach the students about sharing. Games like heads or tails, stacking penny towers and a penny scavenger hunt were played. Students encouraged to share their penny winnings by donating them to the ongoing penny drive for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.

The final activity of the weeklong lesson was a “Design a Piggy Bank” contest. Winners were: first, Devin Geer, who won $10; second, Ella Anderson, $7.50; and third, Andy Gebhardt, $5.

Money management skills are part of the FCCLA national program, Financial Fitness; many FACS students are also FCCLA members.

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