ENTERPRISE – Wallowa County’s 2012 4-H Spring Fair was held June 19-22 at the Wallowa County Fairgrounds with 80 4-H members competing before judges. Awards were presented at a public ceremony held June 20. Following are the ribbon placings:

Archery Tournament: Class 1. Champion, Andy Gebhardt; Res Champ Samantha Zeigler; Blues: Renee Seal, Rachel Gebhardt, Deidre Schreiber, Trevor McFetridge, Avery Bedard. Class 2. Champion, Robbie DeVore; Res Champ Reagan Bedard. Class 3. Champion, Cody Arbogast. Class 8. Champion, Raymond Seal.

High Point for the Year: Robbie DeVore.

Most Improved Archer: Renee Seal.

Favorite Food Contest: Cloverbud Participant: Devin Schreiber. Junior: Champion, Deidre Schreiber; Res Champ Monique Williams.

Measuring Skills Contest: Champion, Jacob Falk.

Junior Cooking Contests: Cookie Baking Champion Deidre Schreiber. Snappy Snacks Co-Champions Deidre Schreiber, Monique Williams. Better Breakfast Champion Jacob Falk; Res Champ Monique Williams. Microwave Champion Deidre Schreiber; Outdoor Cooking Champion Deidre Schreiber.

Tablesetting Contest: Cloverbud Participant: Samantha Wightman. Juniors: Champion Shelby Moncrief; Res Champ Jacob Falk; Blues: Chelsea Campbell, Deidre Schreiber. Intermediates: Champion Ashley Campbell; Res Champ Caitlin Robb.

Food Judging Contest: Juniors: Blue: Jacob Falk; Reds: Georgia Falk, Deidre Schreiber. Sewing/Clothing Judging Contest, Juniors: Blues: Georgia Falk, Jacob Falk, Deidre Schreiber, Monique Williams; Reds: Avery Bedard, Karli Bedard.

Favorite Outfit: Junior Champion, Shelby Moncrief; Res Champ Deidre Schreiber; Blues: Avery Bedard, Karli Bedard, Rylee Goller, Monique Williams. Intermediate Champion Anna Rinehart; Co-Res Champs Regan Bedard and Caitlin Robb.

Sewing Skills Level 1: Champion Jacob Falk; Blue: Georgia Falk. Level 2 Champion Avery Bedard; Res Champ Monique Williams; Blues: Karli Bedard, Rylee Goller, Caitlin Robb.

Fashion Revue Junior: Champion Monique Williams; Res Champ Avery Bedard; Blues: Karli Bedard, Georgia Falk, Jacob Falk, Rylee Goller, Deidre Schreiber; Intermediate Champion: Caitlin Robb.


Cloverbud Participants: Eva Anderson, Chance Arbogast, Destiny Barney.

Individual Illustrated Talk: Junior Champion, Madison McDowell; Res Champ, Teagan Miller; Blues: Ella Anderson, Jalyn Barney, Gracie Carlsen, Andy Gebhardt, Rachel Gebhardt, Rylee Goller, Zane Hermens, Alex Johnson, Kaylie Melville, Hadley Miller, Jimmy Wells, Timmy Wells; Reds: Beth Anderson, Haley Miller. Intermediate Champion, Anna Rinehart; Res Champ, Trent Bales; Blues: Morgan Anderson, Sarah Aschenbrenner, Emma Carlsen, Zyler Hermens, Megan Jones-Allen, Bryce Melville, Gabrielle Wells, Ashley Campbell. Senior Champion, Cody Arbogast; Res Champ Sarah Kunkle; Blue: Bretta Wentz.

Individual Demonstrations: Junior Champion Kade Kilgore, Res Champion Madison Plew; Blues: Coy Aschenbrenner, Georgia Falk, Cole Gomes, Christopher Nobles, Deidre Schreiber, Maddi Tracy; Reds: Chelsea Campbell, Trevor McFetridge, Joseph Robb. Intermediate Red: Lauren Makin.

Public Speaking Intermediate: Champion Calli Miller, Res Champion Kacie Melville.

Impromptu Speaking Junior: Champion: Deidre Schreiber; Reds: Georgia Falk, Jacob Falk. Intermediates: Reds: Madison Falk, Zyler Hermens, Calli Miller, Gabrielle Wells; Senior Blue Cody Arbogast.

Team Presentations: Junior Team Illustrated Talk Champion Lexie Gassett and Shelby Moncrief. Junior Team Demonstration Blue: Courtney Tippett and Ashley Wilson.

Team Demonstration: Champion Darby Gassett and Tiffanie George. Intermediate Team Demonstration: Champion Taylor Grote and Addie Kilgore.

Special Awards

Oregon Dairy Women Award: Monique Williams, Deidre Schreiber, Courtney Tippett, and Ashley Wilson.

Wallowa County Stockgrowers Award: Jimmy Wells.

Best Junior Cook: Deidre Schreiber.

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