After five years of volunteer work as a member of the Oregon State 4-H Fair Board, Doris Noland of rural Enterprise has been named vice president of that state board of directors. The board meets twice annually, and the 15 board members also volunteer their time during the State Fair to help the 4-H segment of the program.

Noland represents Baker, Union and Wallowa counties.

The state level is just part of the 4-H involvement which has become a big part of Noland's life over the last decade and a half.

In addition to coordinating Wallowa County 4-H's biggest money raising event of the year, the annual 4-H radio auction, for the past 10 years, Noland has been co-leader of a 4-H horse club, now named the Wallowa County Wranglers, for the past 14 years. For seven years she led the club with the help of Mona Rahn and Julie VanBelle, and for the past seven years with daughter Amber McDowell.

She is also an active member of the State 4-H Development Committee which is re-writing all of the 4-H project books for horses. That committee makes decisions which affect every horse program in the state. Before Noland was on the committee it made the decision to mandate helmets for 4-H riders.

She says that state level officials have been encouraging the former Elgin resident (she moved to Wallowa County in 1988) to take on the responsibility for the Oregon State Horse Fair which annually precedes the State Fair. She says she would "love" to take over the challenge, but holds back because of the logistics of living 350 miles away in northeastern Oregon.

She says that every four years there is training to become an official 4-H horse judge and she hopes to become such a judge in 2004.

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