Enterprise sixth graders 'save' city in Serve-A-Thon


Jordan Wulff, Marta Stangel and Kylie Willis work at a house during the recent Enterprise sixth grade Serve-A-Thon.

Twenty-four Enterprise sixth grade students helped people in the community of Enterprise on Sept. 28 by holding a Serve-A-Thon. After completing many tasks during the day, the sixth graders said they felt like they had "helped save some people in Enterprise."

Students spent the morning stacking wood, clipping weeds, digging potatoes and carrots, chopping wood, picking up pine cones and needles, unloading rubbish, cutting rhubarb, taking out trash and mowing lawns in individual citizens' yards.

In the afternoon, the class swept sidewalks and picked up trash on the main streets of Enterprise.

Students received pledges and donations for the time they worked. The money they raised will go toward their sixth grade field trip to the Oregon Coast and Portland.

This is what some of the sixth graders had to say about their work:

Niki Finch: "It was fun helping people."

John Green: "I had a fantastic time cutting chives."

Cody Duquette: "I felt good helping people."

Austin Reimer: "We worked really hard and in the end it turned out really nice."

Cody Arbogast: "It was hard and tiring, but it felt good knowing we helped others."

Stephanie Simpson: "I enjoyed seeing all the smiles on people's faces.

James Hall: "It was fun disassembling a porch."

Kenny Bowen: "I felt good helping the community of Enterprise."

Stephanie George: "I enjoyed seeing all the smiles on people's faces."

Sawyer Wick: I had a great time mowing lawns."

- Story submitted by the sixth grade class of Enterprise Elementary School

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