The following Christmas poems were written to help celebrate the holiday by the sixth-grade Enterprise Elementary class of Tori Christman.



It's here, you'll see a lot of deer.

It's wonderful,

there are presents

and lots of food.

Santa Claus, he's checking his

list, going to find out

who's naughty

or nice. Christmas, it brings

me to see,

that everyone wants to see me

on Christmas day. Christmas

is fun, you don't want it

to be done.

If you don't have

fun now, you'll miss out!

- Seth Roberts

Christmas Surprise

Christmas eve is here, hear the sleigh

bells ring.

Hurry hurry set out the cookies so Santa

Claus can see.

Jump in bed and cover your head,

try to go to sleep.

For if you don't you will surely wake

with coal under the Christmas tree.

But if you do you will wake

with a nice warm blanket for your family

and you. But when you wake with a blanket so gentle

and warm you smile and say thank you Santa,

God bless you.

- Emily Weitzel

Best Day of the Year

Sitting by the fire

with chestnuts roasting

with presents under the tree

it is a wonderful thing to see

spending time with your family

is peaceful

listening to carols on the stereo

is nice calm and peaceful

sledding down a hill

covered in snow

Christmas is one of the best

times of the year

Christmas dinners

family gatherings too

spending time with family

is one of the best things you can do

- Jonathan Sparks

A Christmas Tree

It's Christmas time and we need a tree,

So we can fill this house with glee.

Our tree is a fake one,

Not a real;

We bought our tree for a really good deal.

We set up our branches

One by one.

We set them up until we are done.

When we are finished we put on the lights,

Then we go to the kitchen to have a bite.

There are cookies in the oven

And some on a plate,

Some in my stomach, which I already ate.

The tree is decorated,

The lights have a glow;

This is going to be a good Christmas

Trust me, I know.

- Jenna Harbeck

Christmas Time is Here

Christmas is a time to see,

Everyone is excited, and dancing with glee.

Christmas is a time to hope,

Santa will come with a big load,

Of presents for you and your family,

Maybe a new bike or TV.

Christmas is a time to wish,

You won't get a big red kiss,

But grandmas do that, you can't stop them,

As they squeeze your cheeks,

As you try not to squeak.

Christmas is a time where you hear,

"It's time for giving not getting"

It's wishing you were near,

Your grandparents far away,

But your glad your cousins, are here to stay.

So what is there to fear?

Christmas time is here.

- Cheyenne Nelson

Duck Hunt

Get up early for the hunt

Grab your gun and your

Decoys and go hunt

Put the decoys in the

Water, get in the blind

And wait for the ducks

to come in...

When you see them coming

Then call them in

then blast them

when you limit for the

day go home -

gut the ducks

then put your worm clothes

away in the closet

last of all clean your gun so

it is ready for another day

Of hunting.

- Bryce Edison

The Holiday Season

The holidays are here.

It's having people to care for.

Getting together with family

And friends. Snow is falling from the sky

spreading Christmas cheer.

Putting up the Christmas tree and lights.

Listening to the carolers sing

While baking our favorite treats.

Standing under the mistletoe

Awaiting a kiss from the one you love.

Getting together to watch our

Favorite Christmas shows on TV.

I think this is really neat

When the time is right grabbing

My trusty sled and putting it to flight.

Down the hill we go hoping for more snow.

When the holidays are through.

I think to myself, AT LAST.

Not being in despair because the holidays will

be returning next year.

- Zac Courtney

On Christmas

On Christmas there is lights, tree, food, and snow. Snow

is fluffy, soft and clean. Snow is so much fun. Snow you can

go sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling too. Food is all

around on the table, ham, turkey, potatoes, gravy, and stuffing

too. Trees are lit up with bright lights, trees big and small.

Trees with fake snow, pinecones, bright lights, and a star. Lights

are all on the house. Have a bright Christmas Day

to all.

- Tyler Warner

Sweet Senses


runners, softly jingling bells

the only things she hears

Dark twilight, snow softly falling

the only beauty I see

Fresh glittering snow, molten cocoa cookies

the only luscious she tastes

Spraying snow, warm furs around her

the only things she feels

Fresh sharp wind whistling up her nose

the only thing she smells

The sleigh comes to a sudden stop

she peers out of her lair

She hears a new sound

she wonders what it is

She alights from the sleigh

all wrapped in furs

It's the magic tune

that Christmas plays.

- Klara Ault

Christmas Time

When the snow begins to pour

Then its time that the joyous season occurs

Happy hours in the woods

Old rusty saws put to use

Unpacking loads of boxes

Decorating the tree

Dressing up for Family to see

Around Christmas time you hear cash registers sing

And phones constantly ring

It's about spending time with family

Stuffing down the turkey

Wearing silly costumes

and singing holiday carols

Being with the family, That's what Christmas means to me.

- Andrea Schaefer

Christmas Time

Looking out the window at

the snow

Wondering how, while the

snow falls

How the snow thinks and


How to fall through the


And pull hard with


For you to bundle up to


You need to see the


The snow falling majestically

for you

While the fireplace of


Sends it's warming


To kindly comfort


While the tree sends the


The scent of pine that

thoroughly clears your


While a cat dreams of a

great tree


Sleeping under the cover

of the tree

Enjoying the distant warming


- Zach Schwendiman

Cookies and Milk

Christmas is coming,

Christmas is coming,

Toy stores load up and wait,

Elves in a rush,

Santa with a headache,

Christmas is coming,

Christmas is coming,

Presents under the tree,

Cookies and milk for Santa,

Stockings filled with candy,

Christmas is coming,

Christmas is coming,

Reindeer flying across the sky,

Their "HoHoHo" in the air,


- Ethan Maasdam


Christmas is cool,

With lots of things to do

So many for each and every one of you

Christmas trees getting decorated,

Stockings getting hung, presents

Getting opened fun, fun, fun

Eating lots of food and

Chocolate wrappers all over the floor

Mistletoe hanging on every door

Sledding with your family,

And friends too Christmas is cool

Now you know why

Don't forget to eat lots of

Ham, and chocolate too

- Steven Simpson

Christmas Star

Christmas star, little light high in the sky,

Dreaming, dreaming of Christmas day.

Riding in a long toboggan pulled behind a Jeep,

Around my backyard, the smell of pine, the taste of yams,

My family home for the holiday. Snowflakes

Fall as softly as a feather in' till the wind blows,

Snowflakes become freezing rain dangerous weather.

Christmas star why a sad goodbye! Only to see

You again. Christmas star that lead the 3 kings

Safely to Bethlehem, lead all my family safely home!

- Andy Martin

Christmas Time...

Christmas is...

A time to shop until you drop.

A time of joy for every little girl and boy.

A time to get that special tree and watch dad turn as cranky as a bee.

A time to eat that yummy treat.

Christmas is...

A time to sing and dream about what Santa will bring.

A time for family and friends and those 3 french hens.

A time to play in the snow when it is 20 below.

A time to cook and watch mom give you the look.

Christmas is...

A time to give a hug when you get that lime green VW bug.

A time for lights and cold snowy nights.

A time to share and show how much you care.

A time for love in all of the above.

Christmas is...

- Tonya Neil

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