Eastern Oregon University is offering tests for college credit to college students, high school seniors, and working adults who want to continue their education. The examinations cover a number of subject areas in a variety of disciplines.

Students and prospective students may demonstrate their knowledge by receiving satisfactory test scores and earn up to 24 college credits for one exam. The exams are offered through the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). All CLEP examinations are now administered on computer so students can receive scores immediately after testing.

Many students with average grades can benefit. Students take the CLEP exams to cover education requirements that they have already mastered.

Taking just one four-credit exam can save a student over $400 in tuition and about 120 hours of study. Students who have mastered a foreign language like Spanish can earn up to 24 credits, save $3,000 in tuition, and graduate two terms early.

CLEP is a national credit-by-examination program designed to help students of any age earn credit for what they already know and save time and money in the process of earning their college degrees.

According to Toro, each college sets its own policy about the scores required to earn credit and how much credit by examination a student can receive. For example, at Eastern, a maximum of 45 credit hours may be applied toward the baccalaureate degree from a combination of CLEP and Advanced Placement exams.

Preparatory materials can be found at the EOU Testing Services office and are also available at Pierce Library. The CLEP tests take 90 minutes and cost $70 each. Students may take up to four tests in one day.

For more information, or to set up an appointment, contact Testing Services at (541) 962-3833 or view its Website at www.eou.edu/testing.

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