Once again, a new record was set at the 4-H/FFA Livestock Sale that ended the 2012 Wallowa County Fair. The total brought in by the auction was $232,198.70 for 148 animals, compared to the record set last year, $183,082 for 146 animals.

One reason for the jump was an increase in the number of pricy steers sold; there were 41 market beef animals bringing in $146,753.80, compared to 34 selling for $97,304 in 2011.

“Plus prices were up all the way around,” said Wallowa County Agriculture Extension Agent John Williams. “The community support we receive is fantastic and grows every year.”

Other livestock auctioned off at the Saturday, Aug. 11, auction included: 41 lambs, $28,315.20; 58 swine, $55,835; three chickens, $640; and one goat, $654.

The 2011 auction results were 46 lambs, $30,517; 64 hogs, $54,495; one chicken, $300; and one goat, $465.

Following are the names of the sellers, how much was paid per pound, and the buyer:


Champions – Calli Miller, FFA grand champion, $160 (for whole chicken), buyer KWVR; Ben Smallen, FFA champion, pen of three, $290, KWVR; Austin Burns, FFA reserve champion, $190, Woody Wolfe.


Champion – Michael Diggins, 4-H champion, $3/lb., Lyle Dawson.


Champions – Maddie McDowell, 4-H grand champion, $6.90/lb., Krebs & Co.; Cheyenne Knight, FFA grand champion, $4.20/lb., Wallowa Resources; Sarah Kunkle, 4-H reserve grand champion, $6.80, Bales Mobile/Dave and Pat Murrill; Emily Spang, FFA reserve grand, $4.50, Jones Ready Mix; Maddi Tracy, 4-H champ, $5.40, Spang; Spencer Shelton, FFA champ, $4.10, Red Barn; Elizabeth Matthews, 4-H champ, $4.20, Julie Kiesecker Ranch; Marli Tracy, 4-H reserve, $4.40, Henderson Logging; Gabrielle Wells, FFA reserve, $4.60, Daggett Properties; Zane Mallory, 4-H reserve, $4.60, Henderson Logging; Whitney Schaefer, FFA reserve, $4.20, Joseph Hardware; Trent Bales, 4-H reserve, $6.60, Buckhorn Ranch; Trevor Wentz, FFA reserve, $4.90, La Grande New Holland; Karli Bedard, 4-H reserve, $4.90, Wallowa Lake Vacation Rentals.

Blues – Courtney Tippett, 4-H, $5.50, Ladco Electric; Bailey Dutcher, FFA, $4.40, Bank of Eastern Oregon; Alex Johnson, 4-H, $4.50, Wade Ranch; Christina Matthews, 4-H, $4.60, Rodgers Motors; Jake Coggins, 4-H, $4.50, Klages Ranch; Josie Scott, 4-H, $4.50, Enterprise Electric; Ashlyn Gray, 4-H, $5.50, Janie Tippett; Andrew Matthews, 4-H, $4.60, Hostetter and Knapp; Kaylie Melville, 4-H, $5.50, RD Mac/LaGrande Asphalt; Madison Falk, 4-H, $4.50, Dan and Joyce Gover; John Paul Matthews, 4-H, 4-H, $4.50, Mitch and Traci Frye; Megan Jones-Allen, 4-H, $5.10, Henderson Logging; Jacob Falk, 4-H, $4.40, Safeway; Shelby Moncrief, 4-H, $6.60, Spratling Farms; Kacie Melville, 4-H, $4.50, Ford New Holland.

Reds – Micah Troutman, 4-H, $5.00, Pendleton Grain Growers; Samantha Johnston, FFA, $5.10, Main Street Grill; Rebekah Troutman, 4-H, $5.00, Sterling’s/Enterprise Animal Hospital; Mikayla Frei, FFA, $5.50, Safeway; Oriana Wandschneider, 4-H, $5.00, Gail Hammack; Bretta Wentz, FFA, $5.70, Norton Auto; Gabe Burns, 4-H, $5.00, Bear Creek Logging/Goebel Service; John Stein, FFA, $5.70, Chief Joseph Days/Growney Bros.; Georgia Falk, 4-H, $4.40, Sports Corral; Dylan Denton, FFA, $5.50, Eagle Carriage; Dustin Denton, FFA, $6.10, Nate Jacob; Jessie Troutman, 4-H, $5.10, Patty and Glen Engleking.


Champions – Haley Miller, 4-H grand champion, $5.00, McClaran Ranch; Myranda McFetridge, FFA grand champion, $3.00, New Holland; Trevor McFetridge, 4-H reserve grand champion, $2.40, George Gabriel – Pallette Ranch; Rebecca Cummins, FFA reserve grand champion, $2.30, Valley Meats; Hadley Miller, 4-H champ, $2.30, Probert Ranch; Emily Ketscher, FFA champ, $2.30, Krebs Livestock Co.; Aspen Birkmaier, 4-H champ, $2.50, Gail Hammack; Morgan Waters, FFA champ, $2.10, Northwest Farm Credit; Riley Warnock, 4-H reserve, $2.20, Mack and Marian Birkmaier; Wyatt Smith, FFA reserve, $2.40, Thompson Auto; Zane Hermens, 4-H reserve, $2.10, Wallowa County Grain Growers; Matthew Staigle, FFA reserve, $2.20, Pro Thinning; Chloe Birkmaier, 4-H reserve, $2.80, Chesnimnus Cattle Co.; Koby Fry, 4-H reserve, $2.20 Grande Ronde Lodge.

Blues – Dylan Staigle, 4-H, $2.30, Sports Corral; Trevor Lewis, FFA, $2.30, Wallowa Valley Dental; Sonora Blair, 4-H, $2.20, Intermountain Livestock; Ty Warnock, FFA, $2.30, Cornerstone Farms; McKenzie Langerman, 4-H, $2.20, Intermountain Livestock; BJ Warnock, FFA, $2.30, WC Grain Growers; Lauren Makin, 4-H, $2.90, Wellens Farwell; Kobe Ketscher, 4-H, $2.90, Brink Ranches; Katie Birkmaier, $2.50, FFA, Wayne Wolf; Matthew Beck, 4-H, $2.70, Triple Creek; Cole Warnock, FFA, $2.30, Birkmaier/McCadden; Jakob Hoffman, 4-H, $2.40, J & G Trucking; Marta Stangel, FFA, $2.40, Community Bank; Ashley Exon, 4-H, $2.40, Oregon Hay; Whitman Blair, 4-H, $2.30, Mt. Joseph Cattle Co.; Wyatt Warnock, FFA, $2.70, MS Cattle Co./Wortman Ranch; Sally Mary Blair, FFA, $2.20, Alaskan Bushwheel; Zyler Hermens, FFA, $2.30, Woody Wolfe.

Reds – Sidney Stonebrink, 4-H, $2.40, Flying B Ranch; Caden Lathrop, FFA, $2.30, Rocking J Properties; Bryce Melville, 4-H, $2.40, PGG; Glen Spang, FFA, $2.40, Woody Wolfe; Taylor Baremore, 4-H, Norman Arts; Will McCadden, 4-H, B & B Hay/Butterfield Ranch; Deidre Schreiber, 4-H, $2.40, Ed Staub/Wheatland Insurance; Jeska Birkmaier, FFA, $2.30, Mt. Joseph Family Foods/Zacharias Logging/RY Timber; Emma Hite, 4-H, $2.40, Krebs; Ashtin Olsen, FFA, $2.40, Triple Creek Ranch; Alex Wightman, 4-H, $2.50, Robin’s Equipment/The Bookloft; Claire Beck, 4-H, $2.50, Triple Creek; Tate Olsen, 4-H, $2.50, Neil’s Body Shop.


Champions – Cole Kiesecker, 4-H grand champion, $5.20, Pendleton Grain Growers; Nikolai Christoffersen, FFA grand champion, $4.00, Wallowa County Grain Growers; Brett Greenshields, 4-H, reserve grand champion, $4.40, Les Schwab; Cody Hopkins, FFA reserve grand champion, $3.60, Stangel Industries; Kurt Norton, 4-H champion, $3.60, Bank of East Oregon; Duncan Chrisman, FFA champ, $3.40, Wallowa Mountain Medical; Cole Gomes, 4-H champ, $3.20, Lathrop Country Wines; Paul Stangel, 4-H champ, $3.60, Double Arrow Veterinary; Austin Lindros, 4-H champ, $3.10, WCGG;

Aaron Clary, 4-H reserve, $3.40, J & G Trucking; Stephanie Simpson, FFA reserve, $3.50, Heavenly’s; Chris Bathke, 4-H reserve, $3.30, WCGG; Tiara Huffman, FFA reserve, $3.10, Enterprise School Employees; Thomas Matthews, 4-H reserve, $3.60, Robert Land and Cattle/Quail Run Ranch; Sidney Cooney, FFA reserve, $3.60, 1917 Lumber; Stephanie George, 4-H reserve, $3.40, Grande Ronde Lodge; Anna Rinehart, 4-H reserve, $3.40, WCGG; Darby Gassett, 4-H reserve, $3.10, Wallowa Mountain Medical.

Blues – Kade Kilgore, 4-H, $3.60, Jim and Ernestine Kilgore; Hayley Riggs, FFA, $3.40, Grouse Creek Ranch; Ally Cooney, 4-H, $3.40, Yost Ranch/Northwest Fence; Karlee Riggs, FFA, $3.20, Mr. Timber; Klint Northon, 4-H, $3.50, Alaskan Bushwheel; Damon Greenshields, FFA, $3.20, Pioneer West; Coy Aschenbrenner, 4-H, $3.10, Les Schwab; Stephanie Chrisman, 4-H, $3.70, Stangel Industries; Clayne Miller, 4-H, $3.70, BTO Forest Solutions; Raymond Seal, FFA, $3.60, Joseph FFA Alumni; Cody Arbogast, 4-H, $3.60, Chris Cunningham; McKenna Miller, FFA, $3.60, Donnie Rynearson Construction; Gracie Carlsen, 4-H, $3.60, Pioneer West; Brooke Greenshields, FFA, $3.30, Doug Gray Dentistry/Ken Nash Excavating;

Ella Anderson, 4-H, $3.70, Stangel Industries; Jimmy Wells, 4-H, $3.20, Dollar Stretcher/SPS of Oregon; Boone Harrod, 4-H, $3.70, Tim Melville; Rylie Steen, FFA, $3.10, Grouse Creek Ranch; Carsyn Miller, 4-H, $3.70, Graybeal Distributing; Kylie Willis, FFA, $4.10, Jeff and Missy Hayward; Lars Skovlin, FFA, $3.50, Doug McDaniel; Emma Carlsen, 4-H, $4.00, Tim and Audrey Melville; Ashtyn Hall, FFA, $3.20, Miller Plumbing; Mia Whittle, FFA, $3.10, WCGG.

Reds – Cameron Salmon, 4-H, $3.10, Valley Meats; Erik Hogg, FFA, $3.10, WCGG; Timmy Wells, 4-H, $3.50, All Star Performance Horses; Landra Skovlin, FFA, $3.10, Doug McDaniel; Ashley Campbell, 4-H, $3.20, Norton Welding; Chelsea Campbell, 4-H, $3.00, WCGG; Addie Kilgore, 4-H, $3.80, Jim Kilgore; TJ Grote, 4-H, $3.30, Norton/Lostine Tavern; Hailee McClure, FFA, $3.30, Everett Roberts; Alex Finifrock, 4-H, $3.10, Les Schwab; Cheyenne Hall, FFA, $3.40, Valley Meats; Lexie Gassett, 4-H, $3.20, Tropical Snow/Valley Lynn Ranch; Taylor Grote, 4-H, $2.80, The Nature Conservancy/Pepsi; Sarah Finifrock, 4-H, $2.80, Marr Flat Cattle Co.; Anthony Smallens, FFA, $2.30, Marr Flat Cattle Co.; Tiffanie George, 4-H, $2.30, WCGG.


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