Festival organizers sing the blues

Blues fans enjoy the sunshine and the music at the seventh annual Bronze, Blues and Brews festival Saturday at Joseph City Park.Organizers of the seventh annual Bronze, Blues, and Brews Festival were singing the blues themselves Saturday when the headline act failed to materialize for the festival at Joseph City Park. Photo by Kim Lamb

A day of great music that included The Polecats, acoustic blues phenom David Jacobs-Strain, Bill Rhodes and the Party Kings and Curtis Salgado was marred by the failure of co-headliner Joe Louis Walker and the Boss Talkers to show up for the day-long performance. The no show was due to apparent miscommunication between Walker and his new manager.

After a quick brainstorming session by members of the BBB staff, the show went on without a hitch. A short acoustic set by Jacob-Strain and harp player Rhodes brought the crowd to their feet. Portland's Curtis Salgado and his band once again took the stage to keep the energy flowing until the festival ended that evening.

" Due to the generosity of Curtis Salgado, David Jacobs-Strain and Bill Rhodes we still gave the crowd a full day of music, great food, refreshments and a good time," said BBB Festival Chairperson Julie Lamb.

" It was a great day and we feel that the blues fans didn't go away disappointed," she added.

Piedmont Talent, Inc., which represents numerous national blues acts, including Walker, voiced their concerns over the incident.

"We are terribly sorry that Joe Louis Walker did not appear at the Joseph Bronze & Blues Festival as contracted. Please extend the apologies of Piedmont Talent to your local media, festival sponsors, and all involved," said Piedmont spokesman Beaux Whalen.

"You have my personal guarantee that Piedmont Talent will make every effort to repair the damage of this cancellation if you will give us the opportunity to do so in the future."

"Again, I am terribly sorry."

Organizers are investigating what if any recourse they may have over the incident.

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