Following is the final results from the 2007 Wallowa County Fair.

Sheep Bummer Lamb, Blue ribbon, Sarah Kunkle. Yearling Ewe, Blue, Trevor Wentz. Spring Ewe Lamb Champion, Madison Frye; Res. Champion, Alex McCadden; Red ribbons, Emily Ketscher, Ashley Morehouse, Wyatt Warnock. Ram Lamb Red ribbon, Whitney Schaefer. Market Lamb (results printed in August 16 Chieftain).

Sheep Showmanship, First Year Junior Champion, Tristan Morehouse; Co-Res. Champions, Jared Leckey and Kristyn Young. Junior Champion, Sarah Kunkle; Res. Champion, Emily Ketscher; Blue ribbons, Shai Allen-Young, Makayla Frei, Madison Frye, Spencer Shelton, Holly Taylor, Noel Taylor, Wyatt Warnock, Bretta Wentz, Trevor Wentz. Intermediate Champion, Whitney Schaefer; Res. Champion, Alex McCadden. Blue ribbons, Jesica Bingham, Zac Cherry, Shelby Graning, Casey Marino, Dustin McDaniel, Meagan McKenzie, Baylee Shelton, McKenzie Shelton, Kacie Young. Senior Champion, Monique McKenzie; Res. Champion, Mitchell Shelton; blue ribbons, Dominque Cherry, Zachary Lathrop, Brittany Mayton, Ashley Morehouse, Riley Wortman, Rochelle Wortman.

Market Hog (results reported Aug. 16 Chieftain.)

Swine Showmanship, 1st Yr Junior Champion, Sidney Cooney; Res. Champion, Brock Hickman; Blue ribbons, Blair Beaudoin, Nikolai Christoffersen, Robbie DeVore, Kaden Lathrop, Landra Skovlin. Junior Res. Champion, Erik Hogg; blue ribbons, Cody Arbogast, Dylan Denton, Damon Greenshields, Cody Hopkins, McKenna Miller, Hayley Riggs, Stephanie Simpson, Matthew Staigle, Morgan Waters, Jordan Wulff. Intermediate Champion, Skylar Waters; Res. Champion, Karlee Riggs; Blue ribbons, Silje Christoffersen, Dustin Denton, Brooke Greenshields, Kyle Hogg, Trevor Lewis, Kaylee Neal, Kylie Quinby, Kyle Stangel, Chance Waters. Senior Champion, Victoria Silveira; Res. Champion, K.C. Kunkle; Blue ribbons, Heather Bruce, Casey King,

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