A two-week delay in construction of the city of Wallowa's fire hall will not keep it from being up and enclosed this fall, says electrical engineer Jack Terry of Edwards & Cummings Engineering of Ontario.

The delay was prompted when project manager Jim Dike of Enterprise discovered that there were some discrepancies between plans for the foundation and plans for the fabricated steel building being ordered from Sun Steel of Sunnyside, Wash. Terry said that a change in the bolt patterns was one discrepancy.

Drawings from Sun Steel were forwarded last week to Edwards & Cummings which made plan updates then sent the changes to Rural Development, the federal agency which is funding the bulk of the $200,000 plus project. Once Rural Development approves the changes, work on the foundation will continue.

Jones Excavating of Lostine is general contractor for the project and began foundation work before the problems were discovered. The contractor expected to resume work once Rural Development confirmation is given, possibly after Labor Day.

With four to six weeks expected from the time the building is ordered until delivery is made in Wallowa, it is expected that all of the foundation and floor work will be completed by the time the steel structure is ready to be erected by the Lostine contractor.

Terry said that the steel building should go up quickly once it is delivered with much of the work done in the first two weeks.

"It is not anybody's fault," said Terry. "These things just happen with this type of project."

City councilor Ron Philbrook had no major complaints about the delay. "We just need to make sure that the foundation and the building match," he said.

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