Firewood permits are for sale at district offices on the Wallowa-Whitmam National Forest. Local vendors in various communities will also have firewood permits available for the Forest. The season lasts from May 1until Nov. 30. Firewood permits cost $5 per cord, with a minimum charge of $20 per permit. Each household may purchase up to 10 cords per calendar year. There is no cost difference between purchasing a 2-cord permit or a 4-cord permit. Permits can be purchased for any amount between 1-10 cords; however, the permit will cost a minimum of $20 or a maximum of $50 for 10 cords. Commercial fuelwood permits (over 10 cords) cost $10.00 per cord.

Permits allow cutting standing dead trees and down dead trees only, except for ponderosa pine.The size limitation is 24 inches or less across the stump.

Cutting and gathering is permitted along most open roads. Falling and cutting is not allowed within 100 feet on either side of the Wallowa Mountain Loop Road (Forest Road 39).

Chainsaw operations on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest coincide with Public Use Fire Restrictions.

Woodcutters can call for recorded messages with fire closure updates on the forest. The phone numbers are: 541-523-1234 in Baker City, 541-962-8679 in La Grande, and 541-426-5552 in Enterprise.

Additional information is available by calling local ranger district offices (426-5546) and on the web at (

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