Fishtrap Story Lab inspires youth throughout Wallowa County to share their stories creatively, confidently, and playfully. Beginning with a focus on narrative craft, the program provides students with a host of multimedia tools—from video and animation equipment to music production software and beyond—to hone their skills as writers and producers. Story Lab emboldens students to explore themselves and the places they inhabit, encouraging personal growth and thoughtful participation in community conversation. The result is a generative program as rich and lively as Wallowa County itself.

Wallowa 3rd graders

Autumn Diggins:

It was spring, April 21st, Easter. I was going to play outside and I was all alone. I was going to play in the field. But I came across a huge broken barn door. It was so weird but I decided to explore the haunted scene. Later on I asked my dad, “What happened to the broken barn door?”

My dad said, “Well, we had a really bad ram with horns. We happened to butcher it and all the meat we have had the past year is him.”

“Oh, thank you dad,” I said. So I went back outside and went back to the barn door. Somehow there was dirt inside the barn. And I also saw a shape of the ram’s head in the barn door!

Gavin Schaffer:

On June 2017 my mom filled my hydration pack. “Where are we going?” I ask. She said it was a surprise. After we packed all of our gear, me, Braylon my little brother and Mom and Dad all got in the Subaru. After the car drive I found out that we were hiking up to Slick Rock! We started up the trail and the forest was very dense. We made it to a spot where it looked like there were a bunch of rockslides. We finally made it to the top of the trail. The last thing we did is climb even higher up the waterfall and spent a bunch of time up there.

Blaine Fisher:

When I was in First Grade I was at my baseball game. We were down by one and the bases were loaded.

On the first pitch I swung and MISSED. But on the second I swung as hard as I could and hit the ball.

IT was going up and up and up. I dropped the bat and ran as fast as I could. It went OUT! I hit a homer! WE WON by two runs. That was my fourth home run!

Generative writing exercise


Memoir is a popular way of writing about our lives and can include personal and family history, as well as recollections from a time or place. A great way to start writing memoir is to take a memory you might have and answer the following questions for your reader: who, what, where, why, when and how.

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