Police beat

12-3 OSP arrested Jayson D. Wilks, Enterprise, on a statewide felony warrant from Wallowa County charging parole violation.

12-4 EPD cited and released Bryden Lesser, 21, Enterprise on a charge of furnishing alcohol to minors; two minors were cited for MIP and one juvenile cited for allowing alcohol to be consumed on premises in the same case.

12-6 OSP cited Rupert P. Dykstra, Baker City, on a charge of placing offensive substance in a waterway in connection with discarging sewage from an RV in the Wallowa River while camping there.

Circuit court

12-4 Robert James Page, La Grande, arraigned on felony charge of Possession of Controlled Substance-2; preliminary decision by 12-18.

12-4 Charles D. Lydall, pleaded not guilty to charges of DUII and failure to appear on criminal citation.

12-4 Nancy Lynn Tye, Enterprise, pleaded not guilty to charge of contempt of court.

12-4 Jacob F. McNall, Enterprise, was convicted of MIP when failed to appear for court trial, $361 fine; also convicted of possession of multiple licenses, $77 fees; charge of open container in vehicle, dismissed.

12-4 Brian Barton, Wallowa, arraigned on charges of furnishing liquor to minor and possession of less than one ounce marijuana.

12-4 Amanda M. Hilde, Pilot Rock, pleaded no contest to MIP, $361 fine/fees.

Traffic court

10-30 Alexander Robert McFaul, failure to drive within lane, $87 fine.

10-30 Thomas W. Barlow, Enterprise, violation of basic rule (VBR, 40 in 25 mph zone), $83 fine.

10-30 Alicia Leona Roberts Christman, Wallowa, charge of failure to use seat belt, dismissed.

10-30 Jacob M. Kurtz, Enterprise, charge of driving uninsured, dismissed per proof.

10-30 Corey J. Otten, Joseph, charge of failure to carry proof of insurance, dismissed per proof.

10-30 Kyle C. Hyatt, Joseph, driving while suspended/infraction, $91 fine.

11-6 Margaret Renee Stady, Spokane, Wash., charge of VBR, dismissed per explanation.

11-6 Jared Matthew Hillock, Enterprise, improper clearance, $57 fine; charge of driving uninsured, dismissed.

11-6 Marc Dean Spinner, Richland, Wash., VBR (73 in 55 mph zone), $67 fine.

11-6 Remington Charles Farner, Joseph, unreasonable sound amplification, $67 fine.

11-20 William Harold Carson, La Grande, charge of VBR, dismissed per letter.

11-26 Samuel R. Aschenbrenner, Enterprise, VBR (56 in 35 mph zone), $116 fine.

12-4 Andrew Chester Hayes, Joseph, charge of no motorcycle helmet, dismissed per successful completion of Trauma Team Talks Tough (T4) class.

12-4 Douglas Glen Long, Wallowa, charge of VBR, dismissed per successful T4.

12-4 Johnathan Wayne Bigler, Baker City, VBR (65 in 55 mph), $67 fine.

12-4 Seth Edward Altaffer, Enterprise, charge of failure to use seat belt, dismissed per successful T4.

12-4 Amanda M. Hilde, Pilot Rock, charge of open container, to wit Budweiser, dismissed.

12-4 Ashley Brooke Gladden, Enterprise, charge of failure to wear seat belt, dismissed per successful T4.

12-4 Florence Irene Brennan, Joseph, VBR (73 in 55 mph zone), dismissed per successful T4.

12-5 Nicholas A. Frolander, CleElum, Wash., no operators license, $175 fine.

12-5 Scott Lewis Buck, Nampa, Idaho, failure to drive within single lane, $175 fine.

12-5 Mark Embry Howard, Hillsboro, VBR (75 in 55 mph zone), $109 fine.

12-6 Zachary Scott Garber, Joseph, VBR (70 in 55 mph zone), $109 fine.

12-6 Clayton Scott McDonald, Gresham, VBR (72 in 55 zone), $109 fine.

Enterprise municipal

11-21 Geoffrey T. Prichard, resisting arrest, $215 fine and costs, 16 hours community service, letter of apology to officers Ledgerwood and Retherford.

11-21 Marty Lamb, driving while suspended, $115 fine.

12-6 Sharon Sherlock, failure to yield right of way, $175 bail forfeited.

Circuit filings

11-14 Kathleen A. White vs. Leslie Bridges, R.W. Hudson and B.W. Enterprises, complaint (personal injury), filed.

11-29 Vernon W. Surber Sr., petitioner, and Carol Evelyn Cassity Surber, respondent, petition filed for domestic relations dissolution.

11-29 Kenneth E. Stein and Patricia M. Stein vs. Daniel Roberts, complaint (civil foreclosure) filed.

11-29 Duanne Irving Dennis and Duanita Ray Dennis, co-petitioners, petition or domestic relations dissolution filed.

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