Police Beat

11-22 Robert J. Page, 28, La Grande, OSP cite for possession of a controlled substance, schedule 2, methamphetamine.

11-22 Tyson Hancock, 28, Enterprise, EPD arrest and lodge for menacing.

11-23 Jamee Stenkamp, 23, Enterprise, WCSO arrest for criminal trespass II and telephonic harassment. Posted $500 bail and released from Umatilla Co. jail.

Circuit court

11-20 Louis Eugene Carpenter, transient, Rape-3, a Class C felony, sentenced to 28 months prison (upward departure) with credit for time served from Jan. 8, 2002, three years post-prison supervision with the court recommending he not enter Wallowa County during that time, no contact with victim or her family, enroll and complete recognized sex offender program, $25,000 fine suspended, $500 compensatory fine to victim, $169 fees.

11-20 Travis James Maple, Pendleton, arraigned on charge of theft of services worth more than $50, at hearing district attorney agreed he would dismiss charge on condition full bail amount of $50 be applied to restitution to Mountain View Motel and defendant pay an additional $50.

11-20 Shawn Patrick Poole, Joseph, pleaded guilty to menacing, adjudication deferred.

11-20 Jacob T. Strickland, Joseph, pleaded guilty to possession of less than ounce marijuana, $500 fine with $200 suspended, $99 fees.

11-20 Terry D. Stone, La Grande, charge of contempt of court (violation of restraining order), defendant to pay $1,500 by 12-1, when paid in full district attorney will dismiss.

Juvenile Department

11-20 Jesse Sanchez, 17, Joseph, EPD cite for burglary II.

11-20 Tarl Delyria, 16, Enterprise, EPD cite for burglary II and criminal mischief I.

11-20 Sacora Bloyd, 14, Enterprise, EPD cite for burglary II and criminal mischief II.

11-20 Rhonda Foster, 17, Enterprise, EPD cite for burglary II.

11-23 Rhonda Foster, 17, Enterprise, EPD cite for assault IV, transported to detention.

Traffic court

10-30 Josh L. Boyd, Joseph, charges of failure to display license and failure to register vehicle, dismissed per proof.

11-14 John Allen Arnold, Elgin, violation of basic rule (VBR), $175 fine';failure to carry proof of insurance, $175 fine.

11-20 Jacob Todd Strickland, Joseph, charge of operation with nonstandard lighting, dismissed per repair; driving uninsured, $87 fine.

11-20 Dane Luna Hamilton, Joseph, charge of defective lighting (left taillight), dismissed per repair.

11-20 Rocky J. Houtchens, Seeley Lake, Mont., open container alcohol, $87 fine.

11-20 Angela Katherine Eckhardt, Portland, charge of expired vehicle license, dismissed.

11-20 James Willard Berka, Baker City, charge of VBR, dismissed.

11-20 Daniel E. Scott, Wallowa, charges of failure to register and driving uninsured, dismissed per proof.

11-21 John Edward Lister, La Grande, VBR (70 in 55 zone), $109 fine.

Fish/game cases

11-6 Scott S. Stender, Lewiston, Idaho, hunting prohibited method (ie hunting chuckar from power boat on Snake River), $81 fine.

11-6 Martin L. Hallberg, Lewiston, Idaho, aiding in wildlife violation/ hunting prohibited method (see above), $81 fine.

Enterprise municipal

10-25 Myrtle A. Crowell, failure to yield right of way, $175 fine suspended; driving uninsured, $175 fine suspended.

10-28 Rodney L. Syverson Jr., driving while suspended, $209 fine.

10-28 Ashley Ann Lull, VBR, $89 fine.

11-4 Ashley Ann Lull, disobey stop sign, $175 fine.

11-18 Geoffrey Prichard, no Oregon operator license, $175 fine.

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