Police beat

8-28 Robert James Dodson, 20, OSP arrest on statewide felony warrant, lodged on $25,000 bail.

8-30 Rick M. Owens, 35, Eugene, OSP cite for hunting inside city limits of Wallowa, no valid tag, arrested on outstanding warrant of assaulting a public safety officer and assault IV.

8-30 Orrin M. Owens, 57, Rochester, Wash., OSP cite for aiding in a wildlife violation.

8-30 David A. Brandt, 43, Enterprise, OSP cite for unlawful possession of a firearm.

8-30 Steven Byerley, 34, Enterprise, EPD arrest for harrassment.

8-30 Misty McNall, 22, Enterprise, EPD cite for disorderly conduct.

8-30 Darcy Thacker, 20, Enterprise, EPD cite for disorderly conduct.

9-1 Andrew A. Hulse, 20, Wallowa, OSP cite for MIP/alcohol.

9-1 Brannan M. Hersh, 22, Corvallis, OSP cite for making alcoholic beverages available to a minor.

9-5 Mitchelle F. Benson, 39, Enterprise, EPD cite for driving while suspended and driving uninsured.

9-6 Darin Allen Saul, 37, Wash., OSP cite for DUII.

9-7 Theresa A. Robbins, 34, Post Falls, Ida., EPD cite for no operator's license.

9-7 Eric L. Anderson, 30, Jacksonville, OSP cite for hunting with the aid of an artificial light and for possession of less than 1 oz. marijuana.

9-7 Carl E. Anderson, 53, Jacksonville, OSP cite for aiding in a wildlife crime and possession of less 1 oz. marijuana.

9-7 Phillip E. Rich, 54, Canyonville, OSP cite for possession less than 1 oz. marijuana.

9-7 Larry E. Lowe, 42, Medford, OSP cite for possession less than 1 oz. marijuana.

Juvenile Department

8-23 Christina A. Lewis, 17, Enterprise, EPD cite for failure to register her vehicle.

Circuit court

9-4 Alan McFetridge and Robin McFetridge, co-defendants, Animal Neglect-2, order on show cause, extension of diversion six months, allowed to keep only one dog, spayed or neutered, and ordered to allow Humane Society to inspect (original 180 day diversion signed April 8).

9-4 Danielle R. Haga, Wallowa, Criminal Trespass-2, $250 fines suspended, $61 fees, write letter of apology to Little Bear, enroll in/complete anger management class.

9-4 James Steward Jacobs, Prairie City, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct (reduced from misdemeanor to violation), $200 fine suspended, $111 fees,

9-4 Aaron D. Kelm,Payette, Idaho, pleaded guilty to possession of less than ounce marijuana, $538 fine with $200 suspended, $26 fees.

Traffic court

7-24 Glen E. Sandberg, Milton-Freewater, boating violation (two children under 12 not wearing personal flotation devices), $67 fine.

7-26 Eric W. Carlsen, Richland, Wash., VBR (70 in 55 mph zone), $109 fine; driving without a license, $175 fine.

8-1 Stewart Richard Leonard, Selah, Wash., VBR (73 in 55 mph zone), $83 fine.

8-7 Jason F. Lewis, La Grande, boating violation (child under 12 not wearing PFD), $67 fine.

8-7 Adam H. Jarman, Joseph, driving while suspended, $91 fine.

8-7 Norma P. Daniels, Portland, VBR (54 in 40 mph zone), $57 fine.

8-9 Farrell A. Bartschi, West Valley, Vt., failure to yield to pedestrian in cross walk, $175 fine.

8-9 Acosta Heliberto Ayala, driving uninsured, $175 fine.

8-9 Gregory V. Cussen, Portland, VBR (70 in 55 mph zone), $109 fine.

8-9 Zachery Joseph Bross, Cottonwood, Idaho, failure to wear safety belt, $77 fine.

8-9 Bryan L. Powell, Spokane, Wash., no seat belt, $77 fine.

8-9 Jonathan Sterling Marsh, Dallas, Texas, VBR (73 in 55 mph zone), $109 fine.

8-12 Hillary J. Hulen, Talent, failure to use seat belt, $77 fine.

8-12 Dennis Craig Simmons, Enterprise, failure to use seat belt, $27 fine.

8-13 Howard M. Johnson, dangerous left turn, $175 fine.

8-13 Robert Braun, boating violation (visible wake), $116 fine.

8-13 Laura B. Hofheinz, La Grande, VBR (45 in 30 mph zone), $109 fine.

8-14 Steven Lee Fagg, Grain Valley, Mo., VBR (74 in 55 mph zone), $77 fine.

8-14 Cesar Cuellar, Walla Walla, Wash., riding as passenger on moped, $50; charge of providing vehicle to unlicensed driver, dismissed.

8-14 Robert Harold Bonney, Elgin, failure to use seat belt, $35 fine or complete Trauma Team Talks Tough class by Dec. 1.

8-14 Amy Ann Lull, Decatur, Mich., unlawful use of studded tires, $22 fine.

8-14 Gary Dennis Parmenter, Joseph, VBR (40 in 25 mph zone), $83 fine.

8-14 Courtney E. Summers, Joseph, VBR (57 in 40 zone), $83 fine.

8-14 Dianne C. Aicher-Dornbusch, Wallowa, VBR (73 in 55 zone), $83 fine.

8-15 David Hitchcok Weis, Blackfoot, Idaho, VBR (85 in 55 mph zone), $175 fine.

8-16 Al Frye, Jr., La Grande, (truck owner Frye Bros., Inc.), overload, $63 fine.

8-16 Thomas N. Yunk, Auburn, Calif., failure to wear seat belt, $77 fine.

8-16 Jesse R. Soles, La Grande, (truck owner R.N. Zacharias Logging), overload, $77 fine.

8-19 Richard P. Miller, Grangeville, Idaho, endangering child passenger, $77 fine.

8-19 Freddie T. Ross, Pendleton (truck owner), oversize (too high), $77 fine.

8-23 Lawrence Lee Christman, Kathryn Joanna Snyder, Dayton, Wash., failure to wear seat belt, $77 fine.

8-30 Natalie J. Poulson, Spokane, Wash., VBR (43 in 25 mph zone), $109 fine.

9-4 James W. Knapp, Sisters, VBR (79 in 55 mph zone), $87 fine.

Fish/game cases

8-7 Joseph R. Frederickson, Hermiston, no resident angling license (Snake River), $35 fine.

8-7 Mark W. Laurance, Portland, taking wild trout (Grande Ronde River), $57 fine.

8-14 Jody L. Sedrick, Nampa, Idaho, no non-resident angling license, $35 fine.

8-14 Paul J. Open, Libby, Mont., no non-resident angling license (Imnaha River), $35 fine.

8-22 Richard Walter Johnson, Forest Grove, no resident angling license (Kinney Lake), $111 fine.

8-23 Timothy P. Vanderheide, Union, charge of no resident angling licese (Snake River at Dug Bar), dismissed.

Circuit filings

8-27 Cheryl Denise McCleary, petitioner, and Dennis Patrick McCleary, respondent, petiton for dissolution of domestic relations filed.

9-4 Kimberly L.D. Pollock and Kevin D. Pollock, co-petitioners, petiton for dissolution of domestic relations filed.

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