Police Beat

11-25 Steven Dale Byerley, 28, Enterprise, EPD cite and release for criminal trespass II.

11-26 Dennis McCleary, 49, Enterprise, EPD cite for dog as a public nusiance.

11-26 Brooke A. Garber, 24, Lake Oswego, EPD cite for VBR.

11-27 Robert Daryl Cate, Jr., 31, OSP arrest on nationwide felony warrant for having escaped from a correctional facility in Washington state. He was lodged without bail in the Umatilla County jail.

11-29 Marshall Scott Burch, 40, OSP arrest for statewide felony warrant out of Clackamas County. He was transported and lodged in Umatilla County jail.

11-30 Richard G. Flenchinger, 49, Clarkston, Wash., OSP cite for unlawful take of elk, unlawful take of bear, unlawful borrowing of a bear tag and failure to validate an elk tag.

11-30 James A. Flenchinger, 50, Welches, OSP cite for unlawful take of an elk.

11-30 James A. Daniels, Sandy, OSP cite for hunting without a valid tag.

12-2 Errol G. Sherod, 41, Joseph, EPD cite for possession of a controlled substance, less than one oz. marijuana

Circuit court

11-27 Jamee Stenkamp, Enterprise, arraigned on charge of telephonic harassment, initiating false report and Criminal Trespass-3.

11-27 James A. Jones, Wallowa, pleaded guilty to driving while suspended/misdemeanor, 30 days jail suspended, $100 fine, $65 fees, 12 months probation, no driving without valid Oregon's drivers license.

11-27 Joseph R. Such, Albany, pleaded guilty to charge of offensive littering, reduced from misdemeanor to violation, $50 fine.

11-27 Brandon J. Burgess, Wallowa, found not guilty of charge of MIP in trial to the court.

Juvenile department

11-26 Male youth, 13, Joseph, WCSO cite for less than one oz. marijuana and MIP tobacco.

Fish/game cases

11-27 John E. Bailey, Joseph, arraigned on misdemeanor charge of game violation.

Circuit judgments

11-27 Discover Bank was awarded a judgment of $8,622.54 plus $481.50 attorney fees and $215.75 court costs from Danelle J. Nieth.

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