Circuit court

10-16 John K. Thompson, Enterprise, arraigned on amended complaint charges of two counts harassment, menacing and resisting arrest.

10-16 Christoper D. Brandenburg, Kennewick, Wash., pleaded guilty to Criminal Trespass-1 (charge reduced from Burglary-1), 100 days jail suspended, $500 fine suspended, $119 fees, $250 compensatory fine to Robert Chrisman, two years probation, two days Umatilla County Jail, 80 hours community service at 10 hours per month, written apology to victims and personal apology to be worked out through DA's office, no contact with victims and no entry onto their property in Wallowa.

10-16 Jeremy T. Eaves, Enterprise, pleaded guilty to DUII, 90 days jail suspended, $1,000 fine with $300 suspended, $289 fees, 36 months probation, four days jail, six days Wallowa County work crew, Victims Impact Panel, one-year suspension of drivers license, alcohol evaluation/treatment, no alcohol/bars, ordered to attend Victims Impact Panel.

10-16 Brandon J. Burgess, Wallowa, pleaded not guilty to charge of Assault-4; also pleaded not guilty to charge of MIP.

10-16 Jay C. Hartz Bean, Goldendale, Wash., DUII, diversion program, $332 fees.

10-16 Jeff L. Parker, Joseph, arraigned on charge of Theft-3.

10-16 Edward Allen Botz, Elgin, pleaded guilty to Criminal Trespass-2 (reduced from misdemeanor to violation, $100 fine suspended, $57 fees, $55 compensatory fine to Jim Horn.

10-16 Daniel F. Sticka, Enterprise, possession of less than ounce marijuana, $250 fine.

10-16 Aaron Michael Broadbent, Sisters, arraigned on charge of failure to perform duties of driver in accident (property damage) in connection with a Sept. 9 incident.

Traffic court

9-11 Donald L. Stone, Joseph, (truck owner Frolander Logging Inc.), overheight, $40 fine.

9-11 Jim Minnette, Lewiston, parking in handicapped parking area, $77 fine.

9-11 Jason Michael Duke, Spring Hope, N.C., open container of alcohol, $116 fine.

10-9 Serena Lynn Cagle, Wallowa, VBR (77 in 55 mph zone), $77 fine.

10-9 Lucas A. Zacharias, Rainier, (truck owner Chet and Dawn Zacharias), overload, $77 fine.

10-16 Robin L. Nichols, Enterprise, open container of alcohol, $116 fine.

10-17 Linda L. Everett, Lewiston, Idaho, VBR (70 in 55 mph zone), $109 fine.

10-17 Mark L. Fox, Wallowa, driving while suspended, $295 fine.

10-17 Jess Parker, Summerville, boating violation (discharged fire extinguisher on board), $175 fine.

10-17 Chad L. Nash, Troy, Idaho, failure to use seat belt, $77 fine.

10-18 Frankie L. Low, La Grande, driving while suspended/infraction, $295 fine; driving uninsured, $175 fine.

Juvenile department

10-14 Jamil Shahim, 15, Lostine, WCSO cite for MIP tobacco.

Fish/game cases

9-4 Kevin Francis Carlin, Lapwai, Idaho, no nonresident angling license (Snake River at Temperance Creek), $71 fine.

9-4 Stanley H. Asmus, Denver, Colo., no nonresident angling license (Snake River), $81 fine.

10-16 David A. Stein, Joseph, aided in game violation/failure to validate deer tag (parent of juvenile), $211 fine.

10-16 LeRoy G. Jenkins, Elmira, unlawful taking elk closed season, $100 comp fine for cutting and wrapping.

Circuit filings

10-16-02 Ava Joanne Miller and Ronald William Miller, co-petitioners, filed petition for domestic relations dissolution.

10-16 Hannah E. Eaves and Jesse A. Eaves, co-petitioners, filed petition for domestic relations dissolution.

Circuit judgment

10-16 AllianceOne Receivable was awarded a judgment of $2,077.27, plus $301.69 prejudgment interest and $500 attorney fees from Diane Clements; default judgment.

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