Police beat

10-29 Rhonda L. Poulson, 41, Enterprise, EPD cite for furnishing alcohol to a minor.

11-3 Devin J. Ricci, 24, Enterprise, EPD arrest on Washington County warrant for negotiating a bad check.

11-5 Jeffery S. Shoemaker, 46, Lewiston, Idaho, EPD arrest for assault IV domestic.

11-5 Marion D. Jones, 45, Lewiston, Idaho, EPD arrested for menacing, assault IV and cited for possession of less than one oz. marijuana.

11-6 Nancy Lynn Tye, 41, Enterprise, EPD arrest for Wallowa County warrant for failure to pay child support.

11-7 Marty J. Lamb, 26, Enterprise, EPD cite for driving while suspended.

11-8 John E. Bailey, 44, Joseph, OSP cite for taking of cow elk during closed season.

11-8 Travis T. Kiesecker, 23, Enterprise, EPD arrest for disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

11-9 Amanda M. Hilde, 20, Pilot Rock, OSP cite for MIP alcohol and open container.

11-9 Brian L. Barton, 21, Wallowa, OSP cite for making alcoholic beverages available to a minor, possession of less than one oz. marijuana and open container.

Circuit court

11-6 Louis Eugene Carpenter Jr. pleaded no contest to one count Rape-3 in connection with sexual intercourse with a female juvenile victim then under age 16; sentence pending; additional charges of six counts Rape-1, six counts Sexual Abuse-1 and one count sodomy, dismissed.

11-6 John K. Thompson, Enterprise, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of menacing and one count harassment, 180 days jail suspended, 10 days jail with credit for 10 days served, $300 fine, $65 fees, $175 restitution to Wallowa County, $100 compensatory fine to John Campbell of WCSO, 24 months probation, four days work crew, ordered to attend Victim Impact Panel; additional charges of resisting arrest and second count harassment, .

11-6 Geoffrey T. Pritchard, Enterprise, pleaded guilty to careless driving (reduced from misdemeanor offense of reckless driving) and no operators license, $310 fine with $200 suspended, $61 fees.

Fish/game cases

9-18 Mary Louise Beaudin, Ontario, exceeding daily take limit (trout, Wallowa Lake), $83 fine.

9-18 Adolph Richard, Ontario, exceeding daily take limit (trout, Wallowa Lake), $83 fine.

10-23 Michael F. Kane, Ontario, no angling license (Snake River near Pine Bar), $77 fine.

11-6 Melissa S. Duncan, Joseph, pleaded guilty to hunting from vehicle/misdemeanor and wildlife violation, $500 fine with $200 suspended, $65 fees, $200 to OSP equipment fund, $100 to TIP program, 24 months probation, two-year suspension of hunting license (may petition court to reinstate hunting privileges after one year; additional charge, recklessly endangering another, dismissed.

11-6 Robert J. Duncan, Joseph, pleaded guilty to aiding in game violation/hunting from vehicle, reduced from misdemeanor to violation, $250 with $150 suspended, $61 fees.

11-6 Eldon A. Hawley, Wallowa, waste of wildlife (deer)/misdemeanor, $250 fine suspended, $100 to ODFW forage fund, $100 for wildlife processing, $91 fees, one-year probation.

Juvenile Department

10-29 Male youth, 13, Enterprise, EPD cite for MIP alcohol by consumption.

10-31 Jesse R. Sanchez, 17, Enterprise, EPD cite for criminal mischief III.

Traffic court

9-18 Vladimir Petrovich Kostnko, Walla Walla, Wash., VBR (75 in 55 mph zone); no vehicle license (expired trip permit), $39 fine; charge of failure to carry proof of insurance, dismissed.

10-2 Thomas Merek, Grangeville, Idaho (truck owner, Tom Merek Trucking), overload, $120 fine; charge of no/valid ODOT permit, dismissed, to legitimize by obtaining permit.

11-1 Cindy Lou Cloyd, Corvallis, VBR (70 in 55 mph zone), $109 fine.

11-1 Julie Dinesen Williamson, Portland, VBR (70 in 55 zone), $109 fine.

11-1 James H. Brown, Boise, Idaho (truck owner, McGinn Bros. Trucking, Haines), overload, $159 fine.

Circuit filings

10-29 Nancy L. Ingram and Jack L. Ingram, co-petitioners; petition for domestic relations dissolution filed.

Circuit judgments

11-6 Cam Credits, Inc., was awarded a judgment of $8,821 plus $392 court costs from Michael V. Mason and Sherry L. Mason; default judgment.

11-6 Cam Credits, Inc., was awarded $9,402.04 plus $392 court costs from John W. and Lynette G. Kassahn; default judgment.

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