Police Beat

11-13 Jamee R. Stenkamp, 23, Wallowa, WCSO arrest for DUII. Cited and released to a sober third party.

11-16 Rodney D. Toy, 36, Elgin, OSP cite for felon in possession of a firearm.

Circuit court

11-13 Dean M. Duquette, Enterprise, pleaded guilty to charges of Criminal Trespass-1 (reduced from charge of Burglary-1) and Assault-3, 180 days jail suspended, four days jail, 36 months probation (defendant may petition court to terminate probation early if all conditions met), $500 fine, $169 fees, $250 restitution and $250 compensatory fine to victim, 100 hours community service for nonprofit groups, ordered to write letter of apology to victim and his children; additional charges, Assault-4/Sec. 3 and conspiracy to committ Assault-4/Sec. 3, dismissed.

11-13 David Lynn Butler, contempt of court, order revoking probation and judgment (violated probation by not enrolling in For ManKind program), to serve 90 days Umatilla County Jail with credit for six days served.

11-13 Charles Ralph Graham, arraigned on show cause order (probation violation, original charges, menacing and Criminal Trespass-1).

11-13 David Gunder Gould, Seaside, pleaded no contest to charges of possession of controlled substance-2/felony (cocaine) and possession of less than ounce of marijuana; $2,000 fine with $1,500 of that amount suspended, $304 fees, 18 months probation, two days jail, 200 hours community service, drug evaluation/treatment, ordered to attend Victim Impact Panel.

11-13 John Michael Wilson, Ontario, bound over on charges of two counts felon in possession of firearm, possession of controlled substance-2 and possession of less than ounce marijuana.

11-13 Toby Allen Johnson, arraigned by phone on charges of felon in possession of firearm and hunting violation.

11-13 James A. Jones, arraigned on charge of driving while suspended/misdemeanor.

11-13 Jeffery B. Green, Lapwai, Idaho, charge of cutting/transporting special forest products, dismissed with prejudice.

11-13 Daniel Kane, Lapwai, Idaho, charge of cutting/transporting special forest products, case discharged.

11-13 Andrew A. Hulse, MIP, $361 fine.

Traffic court

11-1 Michael J. Shetler, Joseph (truck owner, Chet and Dawn Zacharias), overload, $124 fine.

11-13 Kenneth L. Nevin, Lostine, driving while suspended, $116 fine.

11-13 Robert Dale Stidham, La Grande, no medical certificate (truck), $108 fine.

11-14 Clarence Zachew, Wenatchee, Wash., VBR (78 in 55 mph zone), $175 fine.

11-14 Dane Allen Mickelson, Wallowa, VBR (75 in 55 mph zone), $109 fine.

11-14 Michael A. Maria, Lake Oswego, VBR (81 in 55 mph zone), $175 fine.

11-15 Barry Arlin Knopf, Cove, passing in no pass zone, $170 fine.

11-18 Robert W. Lee III, Joseph, no operators license, $175 fine.

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