Police beat

12-7 Christopher Ray Lorisone, 20, Baker City, WCSO arrested for a probation violation on an original charge of sex abuse II. He was found having contact with minors and jailed in the Baker County jail with no bail set.

12-15 Jill Lamb, 20, Enterprise, EPD cite for failure to renew registration.

Circuit court

12-11 Brian Barton, Wallowa, pleaded guilty to furnishing liquor to minor and possession of less than ounce marijuana, sentence pending.

12-11 Brad Allen Leith, Joseph, admitted probation violation (original charge DUII), order continuing probation and judgment.

12-11 Mark Borgerding, Joseph, found not guilty in trial to court of allowing minor to consume alcohol on property; convicted of MIP, $300 fine with $200 suspended, $161 fees.

12-11 Deanna Lynn Shear, Enterprise, MIP, $300 fine suspended, $61 fees.

Traffic court

11-6 Aldon E. Johnson, Wallowa, (truck owner, Aldon Johnson Logging), overload, $50 fine.

11-6 Jessica Leigh Cartwright, Joseph, passing in no pass zone, $67 fine; charge of failure to maintain seat belts in working order, dismissed.

11-20 Barbara Couch, Joseph, VBR (74 in 55 mph zone), $77 fine.

11-20 Joan Ellen Ryan, Enterprise, VBR (84 in 55 zone), $87 fine.

11-20 Craig Donald Olson, Seattle, VBR (70 in 55 mph zone), $87 fine.

12-3 Cassandra Shandel Lucas, Spirit Lake, Idaho, VBR (73 in 55 mph zone), $67 fine.

12-4 Devon Scott Jones, Enterprise, charges of failure to signal and no drivers license in possession, dismissed per repair and proof.

12-4 Stacy Michelle Smith, Clarkston, Wash., VBR (54 in 40 mph zone), $77 fine.

12-4 Eugene F. Thiel, Joseph, failure to use seat belt, $77 fine.

12-4 Larry Eugene Braden, Joseph, charges of improper mud flap and driving uninsured, dismissed per proof.

12-4 Jennifer L. Miller, Enterprise, driving while suspended/infraction, dismissed per letter.

12-4 Harold T. Boucher, Lostine, VBR (75 in 55 zone), $83 fine.

12-4 Lawrence R. McFarland, Enterprise, VBR (72 in 55 mph zone), $83 fine.

12-4 Craig Donald Olson, Seattle, VBR (70 in 55 mph zone), $87 fine.

12-4 Charles Albert Wingo, Enterprise, charge of driving uninsured, dismissed per proof.

12-4 Danny R. Baremore, Wallowa (truck owner/operator), overload, $95 fine.

12-11 Brian Lucas Barton, charge of open container, dismissed per plea and companion charge.

12-12 David Bowman, North Powder (truck owner, McGinn Bros. Trucking, Haines), overload, $64 fine.

12-13 Ronald D. Peterson, Baker City, (truck owner Food Services of America, Inc.), invalid Oregon weight permit, $295 fine.

12-13 Jesse R. Soles, La Grande, (truck owner RN Zacharias Logging), overload, $77 fine.

12-13 Richard F. Moke, Bend, VBR (73 in 55 mph zone), $109 fine.

Fish/game cases

11-20 Joseph Donald Kemper, Forest Grove, failure to validate elk tag, $77 fine.

11-20 Matthew Robert Sleusman, Oregon City, failure to validate elk tag, $101 fine.

12-3 Stanley E. May, Wilsonville, failure to validate bull elk tag, $91 fine.

12-4 Scott B. Toy, Elgin, no non-resident angling tag, $101 fine; unlawful possession of game fish (native steelhead), $101 fine.

12-4 Bobby Joe Lindsey, The Dalles, road closure violation, $91 fine.

12-4 Tony Ray Lindsey, The Dalles, road closure violation, $91 fine.

12-4 Cindy E. Sloan, Joseph, possession of protected non-game wildlife parts, to wit hawk feathers, $35 fine.

12-4 Scott H. Fuller, operation in violation of posted restrictions (road closure), $81 fine.

12-11 Gregory D. Satchell, Canby, pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of three counts wildlife violation, three counts waste of wildlife and one count Animal Abuse-1.

Juvenile Department

12-2 Michael Faulkner, 14, Wallowa, WCSO cite for MIP tobacco.

Circuit judgment

11-21 Charles and Dodie McDaniel were awarded a judgment of $24,888.62 plus $2,674.67 attorney fees and $739.50 court costs from Mary Kimball; judgment arbitration.

Circuit filing

12-12 Petitioner Darcie Marie Pless and respondent Claude Lee Pless Jr., petition for domestic relations dissolution filed.

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