Police Beat

12-17 Rick L. Evans, 43, Elgin, OSP arrest for two listed warrants out of Crook County. He was transported to WCSO then lodged in the Umatilla County jail.

12-17 Charles A. Cannon, 38, Flora, WCSO arrest for felony assault IV and menacing in regards to domestic violence.

12-18 Kenneth A. DeLyria, 38, Enterprise, OSP cite for felon in possession of a firearm, possession of less than one ounce marijuana, unlawful take of a deer closed season and illegal possession of an exploding device (firecrackers).

12-18 Ricky Clark Leach, 44, Enterprise, OSP cite for possession of controlled substance (methamphetamine) and possession of an exploding device (firecrackers).

Circuit court

12-18 Jesse F. Ward, arraigned on charges of Theft-1/felony, Theft-2, two counts of Forgery-2 and giving false information to Workers Comp.

12-18 John Michael Wilson, Ontario, pleaded not guilty to charges of two counts felon in possession of firearm and possession of Controlled Substance-2.

12-18 Rodney D. Toy, arraigned on charge of felon in possession of fire arm.

12-18 Todd J. Booney, Lewistown, Mont., pleaded guilty to cutting/transporting special forest products, reduced to violation, $50 compensatory fine to Boise Cascade, $35 fine.

12-18 Paul Jimenez, offensive littering treated as violation, $250 fine with $220 suspended, $61 fees.

12-18 Lyle D. Hinton, Baker City, arraigned on show cause order (original charge, DUII).

12-18 Anthony Ray Salisbury, Enterprise, arraigned on show cause order (original charge, DUII).

12-18 Wanda Jean Harris, Lostine, arraigned on show cause order (original charge, DUII).

12-18 Kyle L. Graham, Joseph, found not guilty in trial to court of charge of MIP.

12-19 Clyde Delbert Clark, Wallowa, Attempted Sex Abuse-1, sentencing continued; defendant was informed by Judge Valentine that he was withdrawing his concerrance with an earlier plea offer; however, defendant will be able to present case more completely at a later three hour sentencing hearing and will be allowed to withdraw guilty plea; original charges were four counts Rape-1 and four counts Sexual Abuse-1.

12-19 Jayson Daniel Wilks, Enterprise, admitted to probation violation, was sentenced to four months jail (original charges, unauthorized use of motor vehicles, Criminal Mischief-1).

Juvenile Department

12-16 Male youth, 13, Joseph, WCSO cite for no operator's license and failure to obey traffic control.

Traffic court

12-4 Keving Michael Benton, Joseph, VBR (40 in 25 mph zone), $77.

12-9 Brent A Quinby, Wallowa, driving while suspended/violation, $275 fine.

12-9 Rachel J. Luksic, Treasure Island, Calif., VBR (73 in 55 mph), $83 fine.

12-9 Michael Dean Davidson, Kennewick, Wash., charge of defective lighting, dismissed.

12-11 Gary H. Granlee, Hillsboro, open container, $35 fine.

12-11 John M. Chung, Banks, open container, $35 fine.

12-12 Richard Boven, Dallas, Texas, VBR (71 in 55 mph zone), $83 fine.

12-18 Troy Alen Rolles, Portland, VBR (71 in 55 mph zone), $77 fine.

Fish/game cases

11-20 Robert Homer Sleasman, Oregon City, road closure violation, $91 fine.

11-20 Matthew Robert Sleasman, Oregon City, road closure violation, $91 fine.

12-4 Ulrich M. Reich, Hillsboro, failure to validate deer tag, $50 for cut and wrap, $61 fees.

12-13 Terry Jack Parchuki, Hood River, failure to validate cow elk tag, $91 fine.

12-18 Dixie D. McMullin, Deer Park, Wash., plead guilty to a wildlife violation and hunting from vehicle, $250 to OSP Decoy and Equipment Fund, $62 fees, must not hunt in Oregon for year, rifle will be returned when she returns to Wallowa County to pick up.

12-18 David W. Clausen, Brooks, false application (to wit, residency requirements), $121 fine.

Circuit judgments

12-13 In a judgment modification from a 4-6-94 judgment, Nikki D. Kruse was awarded $447 per month child support from Calvin C. Papineau.

12-18 Carla J. Sherwood was awarded $387 per month child support and $1,161 from Kenneth E. Sherwood.

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