Parents and other members of the public are invited to the Community Youth Issues Forum series, which will explore issues and concerns facing today's youth at three different locations.

"What we hope would come out of this would be a community, adult coalition to work on some of the issues that are identified," said Andrea Tyler, executive director of Wallowa Valley Together Project, which is coordinating the series.

The forum will be held at 7 p.m. on the following days and locations: Enterprise, Monday, Oct. 26, Toma's Conference Room Wallowa, Wednesday, Oct. 28, The Blonde Strawberry; and Joseph, Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Panel members will include representatives from organizations and agencies that work with young people and their families. Panelists have been invited from schools, the Wallowa County Department of Youth Services, local law enforcement agencies, Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness, Building Healthy Families, Wallowa County Health Department and Wallowa Valley Together Project.

Parents, youth and all interested persons are welcome to attend one or all of the forums to share ideas and concerns - and to ask questions - in an open discussion.

"That's what we're having the forum to find out," said Tyler when asked about the top youth issues. "Everyone has their opinions. Alcohol and drug use are right there at the top."

Tyler said that the idea of the forum is not for service providers and partners to talk to each other, but for "parents, youth, grandparents, aunts, uncles, businesspeople and other members of the public to get involved, to talk about how it is for them."

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