Foundation pays for K-6 art teacher

Sandy Anderson

For the second consecutive year, the Enterprise Education Foundation is footing the bill for an elementary art instructor for Enterprise Elementary classes, kindergarten through sixth grade. Colby Knifong taught art during the 2002-2003 school year and Sandy Anderson during the current school year.

Because of legal reasons Anderson is actually employed by the Wallowa County Education Service District (ESD) with funds provided by the foundation.

Licensed as a K-8 classroom teacher and K-12 reading specialist, Anderson teaches four classes of art on Tuesdays and five classes of art on Wednesdays. On Mondays and Thursdays she is free to substitute teach at either the Enterprise or Wallowa schools.

All seven grade levels completed a major art project in time to give Christmas presents to their parents, said Anderson. Using crayons, colored pencils and/or water colors, the 164 kids under her tutelage traced or drew one of their hands, used contour lines emphasizing the main art elements of lines and color, then matted and framed their works of art.

A 1977 graduate of Joseph High School when her name was Sandy Schubert, Anderson graduated from Bassist College in Portland in 1980, earning a two-year degree in retailing, then returned to Eastern Oregon University to earn her degree in education. She graduated from EOU in 2001 and, until mid-September when the art opportunity opened up, had since been substitute teaching at all grade levels in Enterprise and Wallowa.

Anderson, who expresses "love" for her 164 kids, is also active in 4-H, currently as treasurer of the Wallowa County 4-H Leaders Association.

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