Two juveniles and two 18-year-old minors have been cited and released for the beating of 17-year-old Tyler Wenke of Lostine. Wenke, who was allegedly beaten with a blunt object, refused to go to the hospital after the Wednesday, April 23, altercation, but was taken to the hospital by his father the following evening.

The incident took place at 604 East Highway 82 in Wallowa, at a residence of 18-year-old Heather English, who was not present at the time of the incident. Wenke was visiting a younger sister.

Wesley Walker, 17, of Lostine and Cody Burgess, 16, of Wallowa, and Brandon Burgess, 18, of Lostine and Tehran Taylor, 18, of Wallowa, were all cited for Assault-3 and conspiracy to commit Assault-3.

Walker and Taylor had an earlier verbal dispute with Wenke, then returned later with the Burgess brothers at about 9 p.m., according to Wallowa County Deputy Sheriff and investigating officer Dan Courtney,

Eye witnesses told the police that Wenke was beaten, then dragged into the house. The four assailants then drove away in a Burgess vehicle. Witnesses identified the assailants, and Walker and the Burgess brothers were apprehended later that night.

Brandon Burgess, the only non-juvenile apprehended Wednesday night, was, by the request of the Wallowa County Sheriff's Department, taken to the La Grande Police Department where he was cited and released. Taylor was cited at a later time.

Police were notified of the incident by a 911 call.

"He was beaten up pretty bad," said Courtney.

Police officials have asked District Attorney Dan Ousley to subpoena Wenke's medical records.

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