Fourth Juniper Jam on rise with new bands

<p>The Shook Twins of Portland will make their first Juniper Jam appearance starting at 6:45 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 1, at the Wallowa County Fairgrounds.</p>

A full day of what’s hoped to be fun in the sun will unfold Saturday, Sept. 1, when the fourth annual Juniper Jam music festival unfolds at the Wallowa County Fairgrounds, in Enterprise.

Genres of music including folk, country, Americana, and blues will be heard that day when live bands will perform from noon until 10 p.m.

Janis Carper, festival director and executive director of the Wallowa Valley Music Alliance that is sponsoring the event, says crowds have grown larger every year and the 2012 program includes a heavy dose of quality out-of-area bands.

Although music will be performed on two stages Sept. 1, their music will be staggered so only one band will be playing at a time.

The Fruition String Band, a bluegrass group from Portland, will be the last band to perform Saturday, beginning at 8 p.m., although a short jam session involving many, if not all of the nine bands on the docket will follow.

The Fruition String Band played last year at Juniper Jam No. 3, has performed at other times in Wallowa County, and already has developed somewhat of a local following.

Headline newcomers to Wallowa County are the Shook Twins, also from Portland, and Desert Noises, from Utah Valley, Utah. The Shook sisters are identical twins who tour with others and specialize in playing folk music. Desert Noises labels the music it plays “indie rock.”

The Shook Twins are scheduled to step on stage at 6:45 p.m. and Desert Noises at 4:40 p.m.

Other headliners at the fourth annual event that have played in Wallowa County previously include the Boise blues/country band Hillfolk Noir (5:55 p.m.) and a band from La Grande named The Wasteland Kings (2:35 p.m.).

Other bands scheduled to step on stage Saturday for music sets exceeding one hour include Charlie Sutton and Idlers Rest, of Moscow, Idaho (3:50 p.m.); TooBamBoo, from Summerville (noon); and a composite of performers from Washington and Idaho listed under their own names (1:15 p.m.).

In addition to live music, says Carper, those in attendance will be given the option of buying from a large selection of food vendors, buy beer and wine, and shop at art booths.

Carper says a kids area will also be set up to entertain children who might be less attentive than their parents to the live music.

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