ENTERPRISE — It’s been another rough week for fuel prices as the regular unleaded gas prices at the Enterprise Texaco and Chevron stations increased 30 cents from the previous week to $5.59 a gallon as of Tuesday, June 7.

The price of a gallon of diesel at Texaco station has hit $6.23 while the Enterprise Chevron is sitting at $5.99.

Texaco in Enterprise has seen its diesel prices increase 64 cents since May 24.

Geobel’s Service in Wallowa has similar but slightly different prices than the Enterprise stations, selling regular gas for $5.69 a gallon and diesel for $5.99 a gallon as of June 6.

However in Joseph, Paul’s Chevron has the lowest fuel prices in the county. Leading with regular unleaded prices of $5.19 and diesel prices of $5.85.

The record highs in gasoline prices have continued to rise in the state and the nation. As of May 31, the American Automobile Association reported regular unleaded fuel had an average of $5.22 a gallon in Oregon, and a national average of $4.62 a gallon. Oregon is one of seven states with a regular unleaded average above $5.

When looking at past costs, it’s no secret that these numbers are surging at a rapid rate. The AAA website shows that just a month ago, the state average for regular unleaded gas was $4.68, and the national average of $4.18. A year ago, Oregon had an average of $3.43, while the country had an average of $3.05.

A driving force behind this continued surge in fuel costs is the cost of crude oil. As of June 6, crude oil was selling at almost $119 per barrel according to Bloomberg. According to AAA, crude oil was selling for around $67 per barrel a year ago, meaning prices have seen a near 178% increase in just one year.

Even with the hikes in fuel costs, Garret Mahon, the owner of Goebel’s station in Wallowa hasn’t noticed a change in consumption.

“I haven’t noticed any slow down in purchases,” Mahon said.

Mahon also believes that people care about gas so much, they sometimes forget the significance of different expenses.

“It’s the only item I’ve watched people drive miles to save a penny on, but they’ll come in and buy a three dollar water.”

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