IMNAHA — Four Magic Garden volunteers who were planting tomatoes on the morning of June 4 brought home something from the experience besides the satisfaction of a job well done: the memory of a closeup view of an Imnaha wolf bringing home the bacon – or a fawn in this case.

The Magic Garden enclosure sits on the Imnaha property of Janie Tippett, who was among the spectators. “Four of us were transplanting tomato plants and I had gone to the irrigation ditch to fill a watering can, and there was a horse drinking (outside the enclosure), when suddenly the horse went ballistic,” Tippett said.

Initially, Tippett thought the horse was afraid of an unusual hat she was wearing. The horse ran over to two other horses and all three stood trembling with their ears pointed forward.

“A wolf was coming out of the tall grass just yards from us with a newly born fawn in its mouth,” Tippett said. She added she was close enough to see the fawn was a newborn. The wolf crossed underneath Tippett’s property line fence and started up a draw when a doe wandered out, as did another wolf that met the original wolf at the mouth of the draw.

“They (the wolves) just looked at us like, ‘hello, you want to join us for breakafast?’ while the poor doe was racing around. Having seen this before, I was pretty sure the doe had another one in her because her stomach was still big,” Tippett said. She added she thought the wolf took the fawn just as it was born as it did not make a sound.

“It was pretty tragic, and I didn’t have a camera to get a picture of it, and we had plenty of time to get one. We were just so spellbound it happened,” Tippett said.

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