4-Hers earn awards at end-of-fair program

<p>The new Wallowa County 4-H Court: left to right, Lauren Makin, Sarah Aschenbrenner, Addie Kilgore</p>

Three new members of the Wallowa County 4-H Court – Sarah Aschenbrenner, Addie Kilgore and Lauren Makin – were introduced at the end of the 4-H Awards Program Saturday, Aug. 11, on the last day of the 2012 Wallowa County Fair.

The girls, who all won leadership awards, are all very active in 4-H and they will promote the program throughout the next year until fair time in 2013.

Following are winners honored at the program for their showing at the county fair, with awards sponsored by businesses and individuals throughout Wallowa County:


Foods and Clothing – High Point Foods member, Deidre Schreiber; High Point Clothing member, Caitlin Robb.

Art – Best of Show art, Avey Van Doozer; Best of Show photography, Bailey Dutcher.

Scrapbooking – Champions: junior, Deidre Schreiber; intermediate, Madison Falk, Avey Van Doozer. Reserve champions: junior, Jacob Falk; intermediate, Micah Troutman.

Horticulture – All-Around junior, Jacob Falk

Record Books – Junior: champion, Deidre Schreiber; reserve, Ashley Wilson. Intermediate: champion, Sarah Aschenbrenner; reserve, Anna Rinehart. Senior, champion, Cody Arbogast; reserve, Sarah Kunkle.

Secretary Book – Senior: champion, Christina Matthews.

Rifle Tournament – High point, Rebekah Troutman.


All-Around – Intermediate, Anna Rinehart; junior, Madison McDowell; first-year junior, Jacob Falk.

Dog Agility – First-year open, Jacob Falk; junior open, Ashley Wilson; intermediate open, Whitney Evans; first-year mini, Jacob Austin; junior mini, Gracie Carlsen; intermediate mini, Anna Rinehart.


High point showman, Calli Miller; junior small animal showman, Teagan Miller; intermediate, Calli Miller.

Rabbits – High point, Gabrielle Wells; outstanding junior project, Cole Kiesecker; champion individual herdsman, Ashley Wilson.

Poultry – High Point, Gabrielle Wells; high point individual herdsman, Calli Miller; outstanding junior project, Michael Diggins.


All-Around Livestock Showmen – Senior: grand champion, Dylan Denton; reserve, Trevor Wentz. Intermediate: grand champion, Clayne Miller; reserve grand, Anna Rinehart. Junior: champion, Taylor Baremore; reserve, Karli Bedard.

Herdsmanship – Champion club, Eagle Cap Livestock; independent 4-H high point, McKenzie Langerman.

Judging ribbons – Senior: champion, Trevor Wentz; reserve, Bretta Wentz. Intermediate: champion, Anna Rinehart; reserve, Alex Finifrock. Junior: champion, Aspen Birkmaier; reserve, Chloe Birkmaier. (Awards presented to champions).

Judging Travel Teams – Senior: Anna Rinehart, Thomas Matthews, Sarah Kunkle, Cody Arbogast, Christina Matthews. Intermediate: Aspen Birkmaier, Alex Finifrock, Kobe Ketscher, Sara Finifrock, Darby Gassett. Junior: Chloe Birkmaier, Sonora Blair, Cole Gomes, Renee Seal, Haley Miller, Ashlyn Gray.

Rate of Gain Contest – Swine: 1st, Tiffany George; 2nd, Stephanie George; 3rd, Karlie Riggs. Lamb: 1st, Georgia Falk; 2nd, Orianna Wandschneider; 3rd (tie), Jacob Falk and Mikayla Frei. Beef: 1st, Aspen Birkmaier; 2nd, Matthew Staigle; 3rd, Lauren Makin.


Jidge Tippett Memorial Award – Trevor Wentz.

All-Around Beef Projects – Senior, Bretta Wentz; intermediate, Lauren Makin; junior, Deidre Schreiber.

Market Steer – Grand champion, Haley Miller; reserve grand champion, Trevor McFetridge.

Breeding Beef – Best Angus exhibit, Ethan Birkmaier; Supreme Female, Aspen Birkmaier; Highest scoring Hereford, Sonora Blair.

Western States Angus Auxiliary Award – Ashley Wilson.

Beef Showmanship – Senior: champion, Bretta Wentz; reserve, Dylan Denton. Intermediate: champion, Kobe Ketscher; reserve, Tiffanie George. Junior: champion, Chloe Birkmaier; reserve, Taylor Baremore. First-year Junior; champion, Hadley Miller; reserve, Sonora Blair.


All-Around Sheep Projects – Senior, Sarah Kunkle; intermediate, Kacie Melville; junior, Cole Kiesecker.

Market Lamb – Grand champion, Maddie McDowell; reserve grand, Sara Kunkle.

Outstanding First Year Sheep Member – Ashlyn Gray.

Sheep Showmanship – First-year junior: champion, Kaylie Melville; reserve, Ashlyn Gray. Junior: champion, Karli Bedard; reserve, Shelby Moncrief. Intermediate: champion, Elizabeth Matthews; reserve, Trent Bales. Senior: champion, Sarah Kunkle; reserve, Bretta Wentz.


Market Swine – Grand champion, Cole Kiesecker; reserve grand champion, Brett Greenshields.

Swine Showmanship – First-year junior: champion, Ella Anderson; reserve, Alyssa Finifrock. Junior: champion, Chris Bathke; reserve, Coy Aschenbrenner. Intermediate: champion, Anna Rinehart; reserve, Clayne Miller. Senior: champion, Cody Arbogast; reserve, Stephanie George.


Outstanding Dairy Goat Project – Josie Scott.

Champion Dairy Cow – Josie Scott.

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