The three-day 4-H Horse Show portion of the 2012 Wallowa County Fair finished off Tuesday evening, Aug. 7, with the horse awards program.

When all the dust had settled, All-Around Horse awards were presented to Timothy Wells, first-year junior; Diedra Schrieber, junior; Anna Rinehart, intermediate; and Sarah Kunkle, senior.

Thirty-eight 4-Hers took part in this year’s horse show.

Wells and Kunkle won another one of the show’s top awards for High Point Performance (high points in showmanship, equitation and trail) in their age divisions, while junior Rachel Gebhardt and intermediate Sarah Aschenbrenner won in their divisions.

Wallowa County 4-Hers who qualified for the Oregon State Fair Horse competition are: seniors, Sarah Kunkle, Cody Arbogast and Shai Allen-Young; and intermediates Sarah Aschenbrenner, Anna Rinehart, Lauren Makin, Ally Cooney, Calli Miller, Taylor Grote, Gabrielle Wells, Darby Gassett and Caitlin Robb.

Deidre Schreiber was presented with the Katie Lewis Memorial Award, given to a junior or first-year junior exemplifying “exceptional dedication toward their horse project.”

Following are other horse show award recipients;

Horse showmanship: grand champion, Sarah Kunkle; reserve grand champion, Rachel Gebhardt; first-year junior, Beth Anderson; junior, Madison Plew; champion intermediate, Anna Rinehart; champion senior, Cody Arbogast.

Horse Judging – county fair: senior champion, Sarah Kunkle; senior reserve, Cody Arbogast; intermediate champ, Anna Rinehart; intermediate reserve, Gabrielle Wells; junior champ, Deidre Schreiber; junior reserve, Teagan Miller; first-year junior champ, Timothy Wells. Two contests: top senior, Sarah Kunkle; top intermediate, Calli Miller; top junior, Teagan Miller. State qualifiers (for State Horse Classics next April) – seniors, Sarah Kunkle, Calli Miller, Anna Rinehart, Cody Arbogast; intermediates, Gabrielle Wells, Ally Cooney, Teagan Miller and Jimmy Wells; alternatives, Maddi Tracy, Addie Kilgore.

Driving – champion, Maddie Tracy.

Trail – grand champion, Sarah Aschenbrenner; reserve grand champion, Anna Rinehart; first-year junior champ, Timmy Wells; junior champ, Rachel Gebhardt; intermediate champ, Anna Rinehart; senior champ, Sara Kunkle. In-hand trail, champions, Cody Arbogast, Maddi Tracy; yearly, Josie Scott.

Western Pleasure – champions, junior Rachel Gebhardt, intermediate Addie Kilgore, senior Sarah Kunkle.

Western Equitation – grand champion, Sarah Kunkle; reserve grand, Sarah Aschenbrenner; champions, senior Kunkle, intermediate Aschenbrenner, junior Gebhardt.

Reining – grand champion, Lauren Makin; reserve grand, Cody Arbogast; champions, senior Arbogast, intermediate Makin, junior Kyler Winn.

Ranch Horse – junior, champion Deidre Schreiber; intermediate, champion Trent Bales, reserve Anna Rinehart.

Dressage – Top Scores: Intro Test A, Deidre Schreiber; Intro Test C, Sarah Aschenbrenner; Training Level 1, Caitlin Robb; Training Level 2, Shai Allen-Young; First Level Test 1, Sarah Kunkle.

English Pleasure – champions, intermediate Anna Rinehart, senior Sarah Kunkle.

English Equitation – Grand champion, Sarah Kunkle; reserve grand, Anna Rinehart; champions, junior Deidre Schreiber, intermediate Rinehart, senior Kunkle.

English Jumping – Top hunter hack, Caitlin Robb; top novice hunter, Gabrielle Wells; top hunt seat over fences, Taylor Grote.

Horse Herdsmanship – Rusty Spurs Horse Club.

Special Horse Awards – 4-H Sportsmanship, Lauren Makin; Most Improved Rider, Kyler Winn; Hard Luck Award, Jalyn Barney; Top Green Horse Trainer, Madison Plew; Top First Year Under Saddle, Cody Arbogast.

Dad Potter – 3 Step, Cody Arbogast (Flash), Cody Arbogast (Sugar), Anna Rinehart (Drifter).


High Point: First-year junior, Timmy Wells; junior, Jimmy Wells; intermediate, Lauren Makin; senior, Cody Arbogast.

State qualifier – Senior key race, Arbogast.

Barrel Racing – First-year junior: champion, Anderson, reserve, Timmy Wells. Junior: champion, Plew; reserve, Jimmy Wells. Intermediate: champion, Makin; reserve, Aschenbrenner. Senior: champion, Arbogast; reserve, Shai Allen-Young.

Pole – First-year junior: champion, Anderson. Junior: champion, Jimmy Wells; reserve, Michael Diggins. Intermediate: champion, Aschenbrenner; reserve, Calli Miller. Senior: champion, Arbogast; reserve, Allen-Young.

Flag Race – First-year junior: champion, Timmy Wells; reserve, Anderson. Junior: champion, Diggins; reserve, Jimmy Wells. Intermediate: champion, Makin; reserve, Aschenbrenner. Senior, champion, Arbogast; reserve, Allen-Young.

Figure 8 – First-year junior: champion, Timmy Wells. Junior: champion, Jimmy Wells; reserve, Plew. Intermediate: champion, Makin; reserve, Calli Miller. Senior, champion, Arbogast; reserve, Allen-Young.

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