Buhl, Idaho --- (KTVB News) A Buhl, Idaho man police say forcibly kept a woman as a sex slave for at least a week and potentially off and on for more than 18 months has been charged with first-degree kidnapping, rape and possession of a controlled substance.Twin Falls County Sheriff's deputies served found devices and restraints that back up the story of a 27-year-old woman who claims she was held here against her will at the home of Oscar Ayala-Arizmendi.The victim told police that Ayala-Arizmendi raped her repeatedly, forced her to use meth and sometimes held a gun to her head.

Bail for Ayala-Arizmendi was set at $1 million Wednesday.

The woman says the abuse began before they moved into the home in southern Buhl.

She told police that Ayala-Arizmendi raped her repeatedly, forced her to use meth and sometimes held a gun to her head.

In essence, she told investigators, she was Ayala-Arizmendi's sex slave - forced to perform sexual acts, shackled or with a gun to her head.

The woman said he kept her "drugged up on meth," making her smoke it against her will more than two to three times a week.

She says the windows of this home were boarded up - exterior doors were chained preventing her from escaping.

At night the woman said Ayala-Arizmendi would force her to sleep in his room locking them in with a wood and metal gate like framework that he would fasten and lock onto the inside of the door.

Inside that locked bedroom, more claims of abuse.

Officers found a metal bucket during the search that the woman was forced to use as a restroom while she was held captive.

According to police documents, the suspect also threatened to "cut her up into small pieces and flush her down the toilet" if she attempted to leave the house.

But there were times, three or four, she told police that she was allowed to leave the home, but would then return under the threat of harm or death.

On the night of April 8, the woman was finally able to escape.

The police report says the woman's brother along with three other people came to the home after dark, and "Through a show of force and some deception" she got away with only the "clothes on her back."

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