With the help of many people and businesses from the community an interpretative trail is being built around the grounds at Joseph High School. Joe Minato, who along with Lynne Price has followed through with an idea conceived by Lori Kissinger, says the trail, when completed, will be about 500 yards long. It will connect with an existing trail that runs along the front of the school.

The start of the trail will be to the east of the midway point between the football field and the school and will traverse along the north and west of the school before joining wih the existing trail.

A substantial amount of funding for the path, $5,700, came from the Meyer Memorial Trust.

The trail is being built in thirds with Ed Powers & Company doing the excavating on the first third of the pathway and the gravel being donated by the City of Joseph. Moffit Bros. of Lostine is doing both the excavating and furnishing of gravel for the second third and the final third, said Price, is still being negotiated. She did say that Skip Royes may do the excavating work with mule and horse power.

Students in grades five through high school have donated time to plant plants and dig out areas for benches. The spreading of the gravel will not be done until the whole trail is dug.

Minato said that Joseph science teachers Kendall Hayes and Linda Botts have been actively involved in the process. He also mentioned Joseph Hardware as a major supporter of their efforts.

The trail is being developed not only for hiking purposes, but for educational uses as well. Minato is already giving lessons on trail building and on birds. Bird houses have been constructed in Botts' classroom to put out on the trail.

Volunteers can join Minato, Price and work crews who will be working from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday afternoons. For more information phone Price at 426-3605.

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