IRRIGON -- The city of Irrigon has placed a bounty on the noxious "goat's head" weed found growing around the community.

Also known as puncture vine, goat's head is known for its thumbtack-like seeds -- resembling the shape of a goat or bull's head -- capable of popping bicycle tires or causing pain if stepped on by bare feet.

Goat's head is a widespread problem across Eastern Oregon, infesting pastures, fields, ditches and roadsides where it forms in dense mats. It is tolerant of drought conditions and thrives in sandy, gravelly soil.

In order to stop the spread of the weed, the city of Irrigon will pay residents $1 per bag of goat's head collected during the summer beginning Saturday, June 14. Bags will be available at City Hall, 500 NE Main St.

The most critical areas of concern are bike and pedestrian paths, sidewalks, alleys and city parks. Only goat's head will count toward the bounty payment.

The program will run through Aug. 30 or until all bags are distributed. For more information, contact City Hall at 541-922-3047.

This story originally appeared in East Oregonian.


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