The 10th annual Joseph High School Thespian murder mystery dinner theater will feature a cast of young actors and actresses 6:30 p.m. Jan. 28 and Jan. 29 at Wallowa Lake Lodge.

Reservations are required and may be made by calling the lodge at 432-9821. The cost is $30 per person and includes the show, dinner, a beverage, dessert, and gratuity. Overnight dinner and lodging packages are also available. The shows usually sell out, so early reservations are recommended.

Set in the lovely but fictitious town of Mountain High sometime in the 1980's, "Love, Death and the Prom" takes everyone back to the time of large hair, pastel colors, polyester and puffy dresses.

Veronica with a V (portrayed by Debbie Lewis) and Reggie (Andrew McFarland) are the senior class presidents and preside over the activities at their junior-senior prom.

Only the most poised, intelligent beautiful, and graceful girls from the school are nominated as prom queen candidates. They are Lurleen Lovely (Megan Garnett), a demure southern belle who is the school's foreign exchange student from South Carolina; popular Skye Blue (Erin Baynes); Daphne DeLite (Briana MacEwan), who aspires to be a fashion consultant on Rodeo Drive; and of course, Veronica with a V, who plans to tour Europe after graduation. And then there is the beautiful and popular girl who did not get nominated, Clarisse (Lizzy Bright).

There is the usual group of nerds who show up to the prom but don't seem to be having a very good time. Archie (Ritchie Meyer), who thinks all the girls are in love with him; Betty (Jennifer Jennings), a strange and recent transfer student; Mimsey (Robin Eschler), the junior yearbook editor; and Josie (Thea Daggett) who is Mimsey's only friend.

But the best-laid plans go awry when one of the queen candidates is murdered. Chaperones Mr. Whipple (Julian Moro) and Vice Principal Collins (Zeke Hale) are left to deal with the chaos. A lovely hostess (Tess DeLury) will guide the dinner theatre guests in their endeavors to solve the mystery and bring the criminals to justice.

A Silver Sleuth Award will be given to the guest who comes closest to solving the mystery.

Directors are Thespian advisors Pam Latta and Richelle Chitwood.

Guests are encouraged to dress in their finest 1980's attire or come as a famous 1980's person or character. During the show there will be a contest and prizes awarded for the best costumes.

For more information, call Latta at 432-7130.

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