Joseph City Council: Mark Lacey

Joseph City Council: Mark Lacey

Age: 55

Occupation: American Red Cross Ops Manager, Retired

Previous government service: City of Joseph Land Use Planning Committee, City of Joseph Budget Committee, City of Joseph Recycling Committee

Community activities: Wallowa County Rotary Club, Joseph Vision Group, Stewards of Wallowa Lake Cleanup, Santa Paws for Wallowa County Humane Society, Volunteer at Wallowa Lake Methodist Camp, Volunteer at Joseph Community Rally; Created and maintains website for the City of Joseph.

What is the greatest issue facing your city and how would you deal with it? A big issue facing the city is how to finance the infrastructure that new homes require. I believe that Joseph residents, particularly the elderly on fixed incomes, should not have to pay higher taxes or fees to subsidize new development. One way that many cities in Oregon pay for new development infrastructure is through System Development Charges, or SDCs. State law allows cities to use these charges to finance water systems, sewer systems, storm water systems, transportation systems, and parks.

What are your priorities for bettering your city? In a democracy it is important that all sides of an issue be discussed in a respectful, open forum. I have talked to several people who are afraid to say what they think in public for fear that they will be vilified or ostracized. It will be a priority for me to ensure that all citizens are heard and feel safe in speaking. I will also work to make sure that city council decisions are made based on best information, appropriate deliberation be, and that the city's ordinances and regulations are applied fairly and equally.

Why did you decide to run for office? I am a native Oregonian and have owned property outside of Joseph for nearly 30 years. I have attended nearly every Joseph City Council meeting since moving into town. I love the community of Joseph and will work to sustain our rural way of life here.

Local government should provide city services at the lowest possible cost, ensure the safety and health of its citizens, plan for the future, and maintain the quality of life we all now enjoy.

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