JOSEPH — The Joseph City Council asked at its Thursday, Nov. 5 meeting to have an ordinance ready for approval at its December meeting that will set some spending protocols for city Administrator Larry Braden.

The ordinance is to require a second signature — in addition to Braden’s — and the approval of the council for any expenditures more than $15,000.

Braden said he highly approves the measure.

“I was happy to have them make that decision,” he said. “It’s some pressure off my shoulders.”

In another matter, Christian Ambroson, the city’s code enforcement officer, reported a few successes in getting nuisance violations cleaned up. Those primarily dealt with junk automobiles being visible and not fenced off.

“He met with the property owners and abated the problems,” Braden reported.

The council also decided it would have no objection to city residents, who want to take it upon themselves to do such work as fixing a pothole in a city street near their property, doing so. The council made no formal decision, but did not object to such a spirit of volunteerism.

“If people want to get involved and do things, they’re free to get involved,” Braden said. “If somebody wants to volunteer, they can do that.”

In other business, the council:

• Asked for a resolution at its December meeting to allot 25% of hotel/motel taxes the city receives to go to the Joseph Chamber of Commerce.

• Decided to cancel a planned paving project since the county’s asphalt plant is not up and running. “We decided to hold off until next year,” Braden said.

• Approved the receipt of a reimbursement of $9,102 in a Coronavirus Relief Fund.

• Approved a budget amendment in which $20,000 was transferred from the unused police department fund to the fund used to maintain Main Street because of unexpected expenses.

• Approved the receipt of $12,315.92 in an insurance payment for flood damage caused several months ago.

• Discussed the specifics of the Western motif the city desires for its downtown.

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