Joseph elementary students earn 'character kite' awards

Citizenship award winners at Joseph Elementary School are, left to right: back, Jade DeLury, Cole Sajonia, Marc Duncan, Drea Retherford, Forrest Watson and Britny Belcher; front, Carsen Sajonia, Max Greenway, Casey Hayes and Taylor Jenkins. Submitted photo

Students at Joseph Elementary School have earned awards in six areas of character education since the beginning of the school year. The awards, called "character kites," represent fairness, respect, citizenship, caring, responsibility and trustworthiness. Students have been recognized as follows:

- Fairness awards presented to Ali Garrett, Damon Walker, Jesse Kohlepp and Mickey Stenkamp, for playing by the rules, taking turns and sharing.

- Respect awards to Katheryn Kemp, Brandon Tietze, Carsen Sajonia, Daniel Kohlhepp, Kolton Kolbaba, Cody Tietze, Sawyer Wick, Bailey Wearin, Trevor Lewis, Erik Hogg and Tayler Jenkins for treating people fairly and kindly.

- Citizenship awards to Max Greenway, Taylor Jenkins, Drea Retherford, Forrest Watson, Marc Duncan, Britny Belcher, Cole Sajonia, Casey Hayes, Carsen Sajonia, Emily Howerton and Jade DeLury.

- Caring awards to Anna Rinehart, Michelle Spannaus, Erik Hogg, Dylan Croghan, Rayme Pratt, Robbie DeVore, Landra Skovlin, Trevor McWaters, Ian Baynes, Danica Gross, Sam Cummings and McKinzie Parker.

- Responsibility awards to Tyler Micka, Christopher Warnock, Erik Hogg, Kaden Lathrop, Ali Grett, Cole Sajonia and Lindsey Kemp.

- Trustworthiness awards to Mickey Stenkamp, Matthew Staigle, Austin Meyer and Michelle Spannaus for showing honesty, loyalty and reliability.

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