Kindness Week activities end with celebration

Participants in Kindness Week, hosted by Enterprise FCCLA, enjoyed a visit from Santa Claus during the final event, the Kindness Celebration Monday evening. Photo by Kim Lamb

Each year, the Enterprise chapter of the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) puts on an event called Kindness Week. It is designed for kindergarten through third-graders and teaches the importance of kindness in all situations. This year Kindness Week ran Dec. 10 to 16.

The first event of the week is an assembly that is based on a yearly theme and explains the project to the children. This year's theme was "The Magic of Kindness" and the mascot was a colorful character named Myrtle the Magnificent Magician. Sporting everything from a cape to light-up shoes, Myrtle (Chelcee Noland) and the young students combined their magic to create kind responses to situations set up by FCCLA members acting in skits.

After helping with these skits and singing the theme song, "We've Got Magic," students went back to their classrooms (which had previously been decorated by high school students) and were joined by FCCLA members who gave them activity books and talked about different ways to be kind. Students were given the extra incentive to practice kindness by teachers putting their names on a white rabbit every time they showed kindness and taping them up on the giant magician's hat in the multipurpose room for all to see.

The final event of the week was the Kindness Celebration, which was held on Monday , Dec. 16, at 7 p.m. Students who came to this party enjoyed food, making crafts with FCCLA members, playing games, and getting their picture taken with Santa.

With the combined effort of all the Enterprise FCCLA members and advisor Debbie Hadden, students at Enterprise this year truly learned "The Magic of Kindness."

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