Koby becomes dirctor of nursing at care center


As of Oct. 1, the Wallowa Valley Care Center gained a new director of nursing.

R.N. Lori Koby is a woman of many talents. She is not only a registered nurse, but also has a master's degree in business administration and is a certified public accountant as well.

Koby was introduced to the Wallowa Valley Health District board of directors at its Sept. 25 meeting as the new nursing home director of nursing by administrator Larry Davy, who said that Koby would trade positions with current nursing home nursing director Tricia Grant.

"She's already been helping out with the budget," said Gail Johnson, director of nursing for the hospital and assistant administrator.

Koby has been working for the county district since last November as the resident care manager, charged with the daily care of the residents and their care plans.

Grant, who has been director of nursing at the care center for several years, wanted more time with her family, and so the two will trade jobs.

The director of nursing directly oversees staff and is in charge of such things as policy and procedures.

Koby came to Wallowa County with her husband, Lester, who is a plumber, and daughter Elise, an Enterprise second grader this year, last fall after five years as patient care manager for Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Portland.

She already had a bachelor's degree in business from Western Oregon State University and her CPA certification when she decided to return to school to become a nurse, receiving a second bachelor's degree from Walla Walla College School of Nursing in Washington state. She will complete a master's degree in nursing from the University of Phoenix next year.

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