A legal marijuana-grower is in jail for attempting to take the law into his own hands.

Harry Swisher, 50, of rural Enterprise called the Wallowa County Sheriff's Office last Wednesday evening, July 16, to complain that kids from the community were stealing marijuana from his legal growing operation. Deputy Sheriff Scott Taylor responded, but could do little more than take the complaint.

Three hours later, at 9:23 p.m., two frightened youth, one from Lostine and one from Enterprise, called 911 claiming that a man in a pickup was repeatedly ramming their Honda Prelude.

According to Wallowa County Undersheriff Steve Rogers, Swisher had been drinking through the afternoon, then spotted 19-year-old Rial Baird of Lostine and 16-year-old Jason Dodson of Enterprise in the general vicinity of his growing operation. He allegedly began ramming their vehicle with his pickup.

Rogers said that the frightened youth were able to drive away from their pursuer but, in their haste, failed to negotiate a turn on Pine Tree Road. Swisher allegedly continued to ram the vehicle as it rested in the ditch.

Baird and Dodson ran to a nearby farmhouse from where they called 911.

According to information supplied to Rogers the Honda is totaled and the pickup sustained heavy damages.

The WCSO responded to the 911 call and arrested Swisher on charges of DUII, recklessly endangering, reckless driving and attempted assault. He has been lodged in the Umatilla County jail.

Certain individuals in the state of Oregon, such as Swisher, have permits to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes.

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